Fun Quiz: Your Favorite Thanksgiving Pie May Reveal A Lot About You & Your Personality

Fun Quiz: Your Favorite Thanksgiving Pie May Reveal A Lot About You & Your Personality

A thanksgiving celebration is incomplete without pies. Our choice of pie could tell us a little about who we are as a person.

The pandemic has changed a lot of things in recent months. However, nothing can take away the spirit of the holiday season. Though this year has been a struggle with the pandemic, with many of us not having the usual family gatherings, just the thought of a table full of delicious delights still brings cheer to many of us.

Other than the turkey, one of the most unavoidable Thanksgiving dishes is the pie. With so many varieties to choose from, one might be a little confused. However, there is always a favorite one. Your love for a particular pie may be able to tell a lot about your personality. 

Here are some of the most commonly loved pies and what they reveal about you. 

1. Apple pie


To have apple pie is a tradition in most American households. Therefore, those that love the apple pie have an inclination to preserving and following the practices and beliefs that are familiar to them. Your mind is set on old values and you are not open to new things.

2. Pecan pie


Those that love pecan pies are usually known for their loving and sweet personalities. Your friendly nature may help you make new friends and your positive energy is infectious. You light up any room and people feel at ease whenever they are around you. You are loved by everyone who meets you.

3. Pumpkin pie


The pumpkin pie is one of the classic pies that has managed to retain its glory. Those who love pumpkin pies are simple people who look at the bright side of life. You are so calm that you find peace in chaos. You love to spend time in solitude and books are your best friends.

4. Lemon meringue pie


These pie lovers are adventurous and full of life. Vibrance is a part of your personality. There are very few dull moments in your life because of your optimistic approach to life. When curveballs are thrown at you, you face it with a smile. The power of your mind is so strong that nothing can break you easily. 

5. Cherry pie


Those who love cherry pies stand out everywhere they go. Your personality shines because of your striking attitude. Like the tartness of cherries in a sweet pie, your strong thoughts and your ability to fight for the things you believe in stand out. You are not bothered by your uniqueness and you never forget to celebrate life. 

6. Key lime pie


Those that prefer key lime pies love to soak in the bright sunny rays of light. For you, every moment is an immersive experience. You are spontaneous and you take life as it comes whether they are happy or sorrowful moments.

7. Chocolate silk pie


Sophisticated is an adjective that can be used to describe a person who has a liking for chocolate silk pie. You carry yourself well and you make sure you step out looking like a million bucks. You love the comfortable, maybe even luxurious, lifestyle and you prefer to stand out with your life choices. Your friends rely on your advice as they believe you have great taste in everything.

8. Blueberry pie


The blueberry pie resembles a carefree and free-spirited personality. Those that enjoy this pie have a strong sense of self which means they can take jokes on themselves and never get embarrassed. Your nonchalant personality puts everyone at ease no matter what.