Young Mom Looked At Her Husband One Last Time, Uttered "I Love You" Before Dying | Her Heart Stopped After That

Young Mom Looked At Her Husband One Last Time, Uttered "I Love You" Before Dying | Her Heart Stopped After That

Liz Mellor's family did not expect this in the least. They made plans to celebrate birthdays and the young mom was looking forward to renewing vows with her husband.

Every moment we spend with our loved one counts so much that even when we feel like its all going downhill, we grab that last chance to see the face of our partner. That face leaves us with a sense of reassurance. Liz Mellor did the same when she realized she was nearing her end.

According to the Daily Mail, the mother of three was suffering from a bad cough and chest congestion during Christmas. The concerned mother quickly consulted a doctor to understand her health issues. The GP informed the woman that she was infected with just a usual virus. "She was ill over Christmas, she had a bad cough and chest, a virus just like everyone gets. No-one was particularly worried. She had seen the GP and he said it was a virus. She went to the hospital and they did an x-ray as a precaution but we didn't think that anything was drastically wrong," said her Cath Morris.


Though Christmas was her favorite time of the year, her illness did not allow her to celebrate and bring together her family like every other year. "Christmas is her favourite time of year. She was the one who would get us all together but that didn't happen this year as she wasn't feeling well," recalled her sister.

Though nobody suspected anything serious, the nurse from Singleton Hospital in Swansea continued being sick. But on 5 January 2020, her family was suddenly hit by something they never knew would happen that soon.  Liz told her husband, Mike she was finding it difficult to breathe. Thinking a cooler temperature would help her breathe, she told her husband she was going downstairs. However, seconds later, she screamed, "Mike I can't breathe." He immediately ran down the stairs to discover his wife feeling uneasy. She looked at him and said, "dial 999, I love you." And that was the end, Her heart stopped and she passed away leaving her loving husband and her three children, three-year-old twin daughters Kitty and Eliza and 14-year-old son Max.


"He ran upstairs and she just looked at him and said 'dial 999, I love you' and she just collapsed onto the floor. Then her heart stopped," recalled her sister who came to know of the news from her father.

The news of her death has left the family in deep sorrow. They never imagined such a day would ever come. "I think sometimes I believe that it hasn't happened. She was just so kind and selfless you just couldn't not like her," said the sister. She said the loss was too big for them to bear. "My mum is struggling because Liz would phone her and be over her house every day. We always go out as a family and it's always Liz organizing it. We have to keep that going," said Cath.


She added that the death of her sister had a devastating impact on her husband and children. Mike was hoping to renew vows with Liz next year in Cyprus. Her death has shattered his spirit. Their little twins who are not aware of their mother's death are expecting their mommy to come through the door any day any time. "The twins don't really understand what is going on. The other day they did ask 'where's mammy, is mammy coming home' and they got a little bit upset and noticed that she wasn't there," said Cath.


Cath is still digesting the fact that her sister would not be around to celebrate her 40th. She still cannot imagine a world without her best friend, her sister. "This year is going to be the first of everything without her; first Christmas, first summer holidays. It's just so quiet without her. I'm just numb at the moment. You really don't know what's around the corner. We are planning her funeral and we don't even know what she would have wanted," said the sister.

To help the family with the funeral arrangements, a GoFund Me page has been started.