After All That You Did, You Still Believe You're My Cup Of Tea? I Drink Only Champagne Now

After All That You Did, You Still Believe You're My Cup Of Tea? I Drink Only Champagne Now

I can finally sit back and enjoy the silence without the sound of your whining, complaining, and nitpicking.

They told me I'd feel sad, angry, lonely, hopeless, and miserable when I break up. But the only thing I felt was relief. It took me some time but now, I've got my chin up and my standards high; so let's just say that after I figured out you weren't my cup of tea, I've found a new favorite drink.

1. I realized that your insecure personality is too bland for my taste

I'll admit that I fell hard for you, your charming personality, and your devilishly handsome looks. But it didn't take long for that to change. Your company became boring and your tantrums became worse. Because somehow, you would manage to make everything about yourself and your insecurities.

2. I can FINALLY sit back and enjoy the silence without the sound of your criticism

Ahh... silence! I only started appreciating it after being stuck with someone like you who couldn't go 10 minutes without finding something to complain about. You might have taken my breath away at the beginning of the relationship, but oh boy! Leaving you felt like I could take a deep breath of fresh air I was gasping for.

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3. I will no longer settle for second best in a relationship

When we were together, you managed to drain me of all my energy. But now I consider that a good thing. At least I no longer have the energy now to put up with people who are manipulative. I may have settled once in my relationship with you, but now I know what I deserve and won't put up with anything less.

4. I never signed up to be the handyman who fixes your problems for you

I did care about you and I was ready to help you through your problems. But it always ended up being you against me rather than you and me together against the problem. I signed up for a mature partner who could carry the weight with me; not a child who expects me to clean up after them over and over again.

5. I realized that when you said I "wasn't enough", I was "too much" for your frail ego

The other day, my friend joked about how balancing a crate of eggs on my finger is easier than trying not to crack your ego. And I completely agree. When we argued, you always thought with your pride rather than with compassion. That's why you always threw me under the bus instead of taking responsibility for your actions. I finally understood that my strength and resilience made you feel weak and jealous.


6. I still consider you my biggest trophy. Of course, I deserve an award for putting up with you

The things that you put me through showed me that I have a will made of iron. Thanks for showing me that I can stand up to people who try to put me down. Thanks for showing me that there's absolutely no reason for putting up with someone else's drama. You may no longer have a place in my heart, but you will always have a place in my past for showing me how I could build myself up.

7. I took one step backward by being with you. I took two steps forward by breaking up with you

It's not that I want to erase the memory of our relationship from my mind. It's not that you have become a 'regret' or a 'mistake' in my life. You showed me what happens when I settle for less in a relationship, how it makes me go backward in life. And after I broke up with you, it took me miles ahead and closer to the person that I'm meant to be.

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So, you don't get the satisfaction of being something I regret. I can proudly say you taught me not to lower my standards; now it's unbreakable. Did you just fall off your mighty horse? Well, it's no longer my job to pick you up now.