You Can't Be Too Busy To Let Me Know I'm Important To You

You Can't Be Too Busy To Let Me Know I'm Important To You

Time is the most precious thing in any person's life. And when in a relationship, it's a bare necessity to spend time with one another. It's how the relationship grows.

I don't believe you when you claim you don't have time. People have priorities and they use their time based on what's important to them. So, really, if you cared enough, you'd have made time for me.

I don't expect you to be there for me every minute of every day, but I expect you to show consideration and be there for me when I need you the most. You weren't there when I was in pain; you left me to deal with my emotions alone. Not once or twice, but several times. Those memories remind me that you don't deserve me.

You say you're busy. What you really mean is that I'm not important enough to you. Time is the most precious thing any person can have, and I can understand that you don't want to give up that time for me alone. But why lead me on to think that you care for me when I'm not even on your list of priorities? People who can't give me their precious time aren't worth keeping.


The most valuable thing you could have given me was your presence. I didn't want material possessions to make me happy, I had you, and that was enough. Your definition of valuable meant buying things or treating me with things that held no value. You thought all these small gestures would please me, but all I felt was your absence, besides your sad excuse of the countless unimportant things you did or bought for me. True happiness lies in the time you can give your partner, not in the material gifts you give, when you've wronged them.

You decided that you could only spare time at your convenience, not once considering how I feel. Relationships are all about compromise and effort, but these are two things that you never cared to give me. How could we love each other when you weren't willing to make a few compromises for me, just as I had to for you?

You weren't interested in making space in your life for me, so I decided that I needed to stop making space for you in mine. Yes, time is tricky, but managing it shouldn't have been hard for you, if you truly cared for me, for our relationship. I was willing to do all the things that would keep our relationship strong, but you decided to give up halfway.


I invested my time in you and gave it my all in the relationship. I believed that what we had for each other was enough to keep the relationship going strong, but I wrong. I invested my time in you but you never did the same for me, even when I gave you enough chances to prove me wrong. You gave all the time in the world for people you cared about, but I wasn't one of them. You thought you already have me. You took me for granted. And that's where you went wrong.


You never bothered to make me a real part of your life. I'm tired of spending all that energy on you thinking that I can save our relationship. It didn't work out because I was the only person investing time and energy in the relationship. I deserve someone who makes me feel special and wanted in their lives. I can't spend my time on someone who's invested in other things and can barely give me the attention I deserve in a relationship. I can't take back all the time and energy I've spent on you, but I can use some more to walk away from this relationship. I can spend it on someone who values me for real.