6 Worrying Thoughts You Never Have When You're In A Happy Relationship

6 Worrying Thoughts You Never Have When You're In A Happy Relationship

Your partner never gives you a reason to doubt them and that's why you never have these worries crossing your mind.

When you know you can always count on your partner, you never worry about what they might do behind your back; you never lie awake wondering if they have betrayed you, and would never find the need to question if they're being honest with you. The most comforting feeling in a relationship is having peace of mind because your partner never gives you a reason to have the following doubts or worries.

1. "Do they still love me?"

Even years down the line, you still know that your partner hasn't stopped loving you because you can feel it in their words and their actions. They show you how much they care about you through the simplest romantic gestures and always stay emotionally connected. "You may worry that your partner is mad at you, frustrated with you, disappointed — but in a connected relationship you will know in your soul that they love you," Joshua Klapow, PhD, clinical psychologist told Bustle.


2. "I'm afraid of telling them"

What has kept you and your partner together is the trust you put in each other. And that's why you never worry about them judging you for sharing something deep and personal with them. You both are always open and honest with each other, and even if you think it's just a "silly fear", you know that it won't be like that for your partner. Every thought and every emotion you have is important to them and they make sure your relationship is a safe space for you to share it all.

3. "I can't tell what they're thinking"

There may be times when your partner goes quiet. But you know that there's no reason to worry because when they're ready, they will tell you what's on their mind. "...when they do share their thoughts and feelings with you, you trust that it genuinely reflects what is going on for them," said  counselor, Robert Sullivan. You never have to desperately wish that you could read their mind because they will let you in on what's going on in their life.


4. "How can I do this alone?"

There's not a moment in the relationship where you will feel lonely, especially when you're dealing with something difficult. You never have to deal with your problems or face your fears alone because your partner is eager to help you in any way they can. They're your biggest fan and will do anything to see you happy. And they're ready to drop everything to be there for you. Sometimes, you don't even have to ask.

5. "They're so busy, they're hiding something" 

When you and your partner are fully committed to each other, you won't have an "overactive Imagination" where "you reach negative conclusions about your partner that are not based in reality," as Jeffrey Bernstein, licensed psychologist wrote for Psychology Today. If they come home late or they have been preoccupied lately, you know that there might be a genuine reason for it. You know that your partner would never do anything to intentionally hurt you.


6. "I give up on us"

The intimacy you have with your partner never withers away because you are not constantly doubting each other or wondering how long the relationship will last. You know you're meant to be together and so, you never think about giving up on your relationship. Neither of you can imagine life without each other and that's why you fight to make things work.

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