Woody Allen's Adoptive Daughter Dylan Opens About Being Sexually Molested By Him At The Age Of 7 | "He Was...Hunting Me"

Woody Allen's Adoptive Daughter Dylan Opens About Being Sexually Molested By Him At The Age Of 7 | "He Was...Hunting Me"

An investigation was conducted but teh authorities did not find evidence to support Dylan's claims.

Trigger warning: This story contains graphic description of abuse which could be disturbing for some readers.

Nothing can be compared to the pain of being abused by the one who is supposed to love and protect you. Dylan Farrow, the adoptive daughter of actor and film director Woody Allen went through such turmoil. Dylan who was adopted by Allen and his partner of 12 years, Mia Farrow accused Allen of sexually molesting her at the age of 7. 

The abuse took place after Farrow discovered that Allen was in a romantic relationship with her 21-year-old adoptive daughter Soon-Yi Previn. Though an investigation was conducted to understand the truth behind Dylan's abuse the authorities did not find any "credible evidence." Consequently, Allen was given limited supervision rights while Farrow got full custody of their adopted children. 


Years later, Dylan opened up about the abuse on numerous occasions, including in an interview with Vanity Fair in 2013, open letters in The New York Times, and Los Angeles Times. However, recently, the 35-year-old talked about that dark episode in her life in a documentary. According to the Daily Mail, some of the footage shown in the film was recorded secretly over three years. 

Dylan heard her mother and brother Ronan talking about how Allen took naked pictures of Previn. At that very moment, she thought to herself, "Oh… it's not just me." 


In the film, Dylan claimed that the filmmaker was "very slowly instilling the idea in my head she [Mia] was more [Ronan's] parent, he was more my parent, I was daddy's girl." As Allen began closely interacting and showering her with attention and affection, Dylan was in a way made to "worship" him. "I was always in his clutches. He was always hunting me," she added. 

Recalling instances from those nightmares of days, Dylan said she has "very vivid snapshots, different places, mostly a window with a feeling attached. I remember sitting on the edge of his bed. The light in the room, the satin sheets. There were clarinet reeds. I have memories of getting into bed with him."


Dylan was frightened by the very sight of Allen and began hiding in the bathroom as a child. After the abuse took place a few more times, Farrow decided to record the details of the incident in Dylan's words. In one of the video recordings, the helpless girl is heard saying, "I didn't want him to do it, mama. I didn't like it….I don't want to talk about it."

Looking back at the little girl on tape, Dylan said, "I am that little girl on the tape. So… it's a very vulnerable part of me, and a very… a very hurt part of me. There's a lot of… That little girl is in a lot of pain."


Besides Dylan's testimony of her ordeal, the documentary also features conversations between Farrow and Allen. "She's not alright, Woody. She walks around the house holding her vagina. She sleeps with me. She's scared of you and you've hurt her," said Farrow to the renowned director in one clip. 

Further, the documentary depicts a remorseful Farrow who regrets not being able to stop the abuse from happening. Farrow also revealed what Dylan told her. "She said, 'Mommy, you didn't help. Daddy shouldn't have done that. He shouldn't have hurt me like that.' If you heard her you would weep inside and you would just want to be dead because I don't know how you can live with what you did."


While Dylan and Farrow still point fingers at Allen, the director has a different story. In his memoir, Apropos of Nothing, he accused Farrow of "psychologically and corporally" abusing her children into "submissive obedience." Farrow's son Moses too had some similar claims to make against his mother. He stated that she was abusive and persuaded them to hate Allen for "for tearing apart the family and sexually molesting" Dylan. "I see now that this was a vengeful way to pay him back for falling in love with Soon-Yi," said Moses, according to People


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