Woody Allen Fell In Love With 35 Years Younger Adopted Daughter Of His Partner | Claimed He Was Being "Paternal" To Her

Woody Allen Fell In Love With 35 Years Younger Adopted Daughter Of His Partner | Claimed He Was Being "Paternal" To Her

Woody Allen ended his 12-year relationship with Mia Farrow to be with Soon-Yi.

Some stories from Hollywood just leave you confused and dumbstruck. Woody Allen's relationship with Mia Farrow's stepdaughter, Soon-Yi is one such a scandalous story.


The actor and director was in a long term relationship with actress, Mia Farrow. The actress was the mother of 14 children, including  Soon-Yi, who was adopted from a Korean orphanage by Farrow and her former partner, André Previn in 1977. After meeting Allen in 1979, she also adopted another child Dylan with him and also had a biological son, Ronan. Farrow's relationship with Allen was smooth sailing until she found out about his affair with her daughter.


Their 12-year-relationship came to an end after Farrow found her daughter's nude photos in Allen's apartment. She confronted Allen and he admitted to having a sexual relationship with Soon-Yi. Soon after, the 57-year-old actor released a statement saying he was in "love" with the 21-year-old.


Allen became close to the young girl after they started attending basketball games together. Soon-Yi, who never felt loved by her adopted mother became close to Allen. “I think Woody went after me because at that first basketball game I turned out to be more interesting and amusing than he thought I’d be. Mia was always pounding into him what a loser I was," said the woman, according to Rolling Stone.

She added, "I wasn’t the one who went after Woody — where would I get the nerve? He pursued me. That’s why the relationship has worked: I felt valued. It’s quite flattering for me. He’s usually a meek person, and he took a big leap.”

Allen continued his relationship with Soon-Yi even when criticisms were thrown at the couple. "The heart wants what it wants. There's no logic to those things. You meet someone and you fall in love and that's that," said the actor, defending his choice in an interview with Time Magazine in 2001, according to Insider. He further stated that she was never considered by him as his daughter.


"I didn't find any moral dilemmas whatsoever. I didn't feel that just because she was Mia's daughter, there was any great moral dilemma. It was a fact, but not one with any great import. It wasn't like she was my daughter," said the actor, according to Insider. 

Soon-Yi too stated that Allen was never viewed as their father by her or her siblings. “We didn’t think of him as a father and he didn’t even have clothing at our house, not even a toothbrush," said the woman, according to Vulture. She even lashed out at Farrow and claimed she never took care of her and accused her of ill-treating her. "I do have a little learning disability. I've never spoken about it, because Mia drummed it into me to be ashamed about it. It comes out in spelling, and I had to work much harder in school. But I was driven and interested, and I wish I'd had a tutor the way some kids do for homework," said Soon-Yi, according to Insider.


Though many frowned upon their relationship, Allen married Soon-Yi in 1997, who he had met as a 10-year-old. Speaking to Mail on Sunday, he said, “I admit, it didn’t make sense when our relationship started. On the surface, we looked like an irrational match. I was much older and she was an adopted kid."

He continued, "It looked to the outside world that it was an exploitative situation – that I would exploit her as an older predatory male, and she would exploit me for whatever I had. That was never the case. In the past, I had always gone out with actresses, but for whatever inexplicable reason, with Soon-Yi it worked.”


Referring to the kind of relationship, he shared with his wife, he said it was "paternal". “I’m 35 years older, and somehow, through no fault of mine or hers, the dynamic worked. I was paternal. She responded to someone paternal," said the 84-year-old, according to Independent.

The couple shares two adopted children and lives happily. Meanwhile, Soon-Yi stated that her relationship with Farrow was estranged.