Woman Reveals Rare Condition With Two Vaginas & Two Wombs To Raise Awareness

Woman Reveals Rare Condition With Two Vaginas & Two Wombs To Raise Awareness

Andreea was diagnosed when she was 14 years old. She did not know it would affect her reproduction.

One woman is talking about her rare condition to raise awareness. According to the Daily Mail, 26-year-old Andreea from Salisbury in Wiltshire was born with two vaginas and wombs. The woman who chose not to disclose her surname, found out about it when she was just a teenager. 

When Andreea was 14-years-old, she was diagnosed with the condition known as uterus didelphys. Unlike most women, Andreea's vagina is divided internally with a 2cm tissue wall. Recalling the experience of her initial diagnosis, the woman stated, "I knew a sexual health check up would include a slightly uncomfortable examination, but I was in such a lot of pain, it hurt so badly I had to ask the doctor to stop." 


She further explained that the doctor discovered her condition after he could not insert the speculum due to the tissue that divided the entrance of her vagina. "He was quite shocked. He said it was very rare but not something to worry about at my age," recounted the woman. 

Despite the diagnosis, the woman was not briefed about the lower chances of reproduction caused by her condition. Years later, Andreea found out about the added complications when she fell pregnant at 17. Unfortunately, her baby stopped growing after three months. It is then that she was told that her condition had caused the problem. 

The woman who is now in a six-year relationship with her partner Oliver is determined to know if she can conceive naturally. "In theory I have two wombs so I could fall pregnant, whilst pregnant and carry two babies at the same time but I want to know if I can carry one baby safely," said the woman. 

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She added that her condition did not cause any kind of daily distress. However, stated that she was prone to intense period pains. "I do suffer very bad period cramps, I can be doubled over and unable to move some months. I guess that comes with having an extra uterus," said the woman. 

She further explained that she has become more confident over the years and that her condition did not hold her anymore. "Now, I'm not self-conscious about it at all. As I've got older I've always been honest with people and I haven't been judged for it. My worries were as a teenager when I didn't know if it made me different or who to talk to. Now I don't find it weird, it's just who I am and we are all different in one way or another," stated Andreea. 

By bringing her story to the public, she hopes to inspire other women and girls to be vocal about their bodies. "When I was a teenager, you didn't talk about what was going on with your body, especially nothing that you were self-conscious of or something that you were worried about. You didn't want to be seen as different to other people," recounted Andreea. She added, "Girls should know their bodies, be comfortable in their own skin and learn to know what is "normal" for them." 


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