Woman Turns Wedding Dresses Into Angel Gowns For Babies Who Have Lost Their Lives

Woman Turns Wedding Dresses Into Angel Gowns For Babies Who Have Lost Their Lives

In a meaningful way, this woman brings some amount of comfort to parents who go through the pain of losing a child.

For a parent, there is nothing more devastating than laying your child to rest in his or her grave. That's why Pat Carter tries to help parents and families when they go through a painful time like this. She takes wedding dresses and transforms them into miniature gowns for babies who have passed away.

"I make a gown maybe every day, or every two days," said Pat, who has an entire room filled with these little gowns, according to KUTV.

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What she has in mind when she makes each of these gowns with her very own hands is to bring some kind of upliftment to the lives of grieving families. "I just can't imagine anything so sad," she said and bearing that in mind, she creates these "angel gowns". They are all made from wedding dresses and veils and no bit of them goes unused. "I want to use up every scrap that I can," she said.

"Just hand-sewing all those little appliqués from the wedding gowns takes a lot of time," she said. But she has dedicatedly made hundreds of them so far. Every single one of these angel gowns is donated to families and each of them goes out with a heartfelt letter.  There can be nothing that can replace the pain of losing a child, but she hopes the words would give them some strength and hope, and she considers them "Little statements that maybe make the mother feel a tiny bit better, if that's at all possible."

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 The angel gowns find their way to hospitals and mortuaries in Utah, and have recently started reaching hospitals in other states as well through Angel Gowns by Diane. "I donated over 600," she said. "I've made now about 1,300."

Pat Carter is one among a number of women who put their heart into making these angel gowns for Angel Gowns by Diane. "Some people only dream of angels. We held one in our arms," they say on their website. The creators of the foundation themselves have experienced the immense emotional burden of losing a baby.

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They wrote, "Having lost two granddaughters, this is close to my heart.  Watching my daughter suffer the unimaginable loss of two precious babies was devastating, both as a mother and a grandmother.  The task of finding an outfit for Jordynn, her first baby girl who lived only a day, was both heartbreaking and frustrating."

The initiative was all about "Turning something from someone’s brightest day to help another on their darkest," they wrote.


For parents who get to spend very little time, sometimes even just a day with their babies, these little gowns could be a source of comfort as they bid farewell to the little angels. "God bless all of our Angel Babies who touched our hearts so deeply and left entirely too soon," the website wrote.

The kindness that Pat is able to show grieving parents didn't go unnoticed. She received a donation of $500 to source more material and help with the delivery, thanks to Mountain America Credit Union.

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Watch her talk about her moving gesture. 

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