Woman Throws Newborn Baby Down Garbage Chute, She Didn't Want 'Another Mouth To Feed'

Woman Throws Newborn Baby Down Garbage Chute, She Didn't Want 'Another Mouth To Feed'

How could a mother even think of committing such an horrendous act?

In a sickeningly horrible incident in Santos, Brazil, a woman committed one of the most atrocious acts imaginable when she threw down her newborn baby down the garbage chute as she didn't want another mouth to feed. Ana Carolina Moraes da Silva, a former gymnast, and her ex-partner Guilherme Bronhara Martinez Garcia have both been arrested and face murder charges for this horrible crime.



As reported by the Sun, the body of the little child was found in the garbage bin, and the coroner's report said the child died of head trauma. The police have filed charges against both of them and the ex-boyfriend has been charged with homicide and concealment of the corpse. 

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She could face as long as 30 years in prison if found guilty. Her lawyer, however, has put forward the theory that she is mentally unwell in a bid to protect her. Her lawyer claimed that she has had no prior history of violence or any crime and that she had also faced mental issues just before her pregnancy.

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Silva also has another 3-year-old daughter who is currently staying with her grandparents and Silva's lawyer pleaded in front of the court that Silva needs to take care of her other child in hope of leniancy. Silva, during her questioning, had said that she thought that she had had a miscarriage and had disposed of the newborn's body so as not to scare her daughter. Her chats with her ex-boyfriend, however, paint a different picture.

The authorities revealed that in her chat she seemed dissatisfied with her daughter and didn't want "another mouth to feed." Her ex-boyfriend's texts to her also revealed cruelty on both their parts as he wrote, "You killed my daughter." He added: "Get rid of it." The prosecutors believe that the act was premeditated and are hoping for her trial to begin soon.