Woman Sensed Something Fishy About Partner | She Follows Him Home To Find Him Greeted By Wife & Daughter | "I Felt Traumatized"

Woman Sensed Something Fishy About Partner | She Follows Him Home To Find Him Greeted By Wife & Daughter | "I Felt Traumatized"

The man disappeared for months and told the woman that his father had died.

Knowing that your partner was lying to you from the day you met them can be devastating. One woman was shocked to find that her boyfriend was not only a husband to another woman but also a father. 

Writing her story in Mamamia, the woman named Angie said she met her partner Damon in a club in 2016. She was attracted to him from the first moment, and the two ended up spending the night together. Within two days, their relationship became more than casual. He began to address her as his girlfriend. "I felt a sense of achievement every time I said something that made him laugh," said the woman, recalling their first meeting. "In the morning, he made me blueberry pancakes drizzled with maple syrup. We spent our entire Saturday alternating between making love and watching films," wrote the woman. 

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After spending the weekend at her place, Damon work up early on Monday and stated he had to go to work. The woman asked him if she could hang out with him after work but he just dodged her question. He hesitated when she asked where his place of work was. "I tried not to feel deflated. We’d had such a perfect weekend! I hated the thought that he might be slipping through my fingers," wrote the woman. 

He then named a location and excused himself to the bathroom. While he went to the washroom, the woman checked his wallet. She found a couple of business cards but was surprised to find that the address did not match the location he told her. However, the woman convinced herself and decided to believe her new partner. This is where most women should listen to intuition.

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"I held my breath as I examined them. The address on the cards didn’t match the location he said he worked at. Why would he lie to me about that? I pocketed one of the cards but tried to suppress my doubts. 'Maybe these are old business cards,'I told myself. 'Maybe the information on them is out of date'," said the woman. When the man came out, he kissed her and promised to call her. 

As the months went by, their communication became minimal. Damon texted her once in a week and told her that he missed her. "I miss you so much! I’m sorry… it’s been manic here. I’ll be in touch soon," texted Damon, according to Mamamia. With weekly contacts, the woman was relieved. But she kept thinking why the man could not find time for his girlfriend. 

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"I tried calling Damon several times myself, but never got an answer. Confused thoughts swirled through my mind. My chest tightened as I remembered his business cards, and how he seemed to have lied about his work address," wrote Angie. She continued, "Ignoring my gnawing doubts, I checked my phone for the umpteenth time. I felt helplessly enslaved, like a drug addict. Dammit, when was he going to call? All I wanted was my next hit of Damon."

Finally, after months of waiting, Damon told her that he was coming to meet her. She was overjoyed. He told her that his father had died and that he was grieving in private." As he stepped back, I noticed the dark eyes circles beneath his eyes. His voice cracked as he continued. 'But I have something I need to tell you,'" he told her. She recalled his words, "The day he’d departed from my place, Damon explained, he’d received news his father had died. Since then, he’d been avoiding almost everyone he knew. He needed solitude to process his grief; he said."

She sympathized with his situation and consoled him. However, soon enough, the woman understood there was something fishy. While having dinner, she noticed his phone ringing, and the contact was saved as "dad." Though she raised questions, the man managed to not give a straight answer. The next day, she decided to take matters into her own hands. "I didn’t know, but I was determined to find out. Damon’s lies were so elaborate and bizarre, I felt traumatized by them. I couldn’t rest until I figured out what the heck he was trying to hide," said the woman. 

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She followed her partner from his office and witnessed a sight she never expected to see. "Damon pulled into a drive outside a well-lit, warm-looking house. He exited his car, and the front door of the house opened. A small girl ran out to greet him, squealing: "Daddy!" Behind her, a tall, slender woman appeared in the doorway, bouncing a baby on her hip. She watched and laughed while Damon swung his daughter round in the air," wrote the woman. 

The woman claimed that she was not supportive of spying on partners, but her actions gave her closure. "I was dealing with a liar who had already deceived me many times. No matter how often I asked Damon why he kept disappearing, he wasn’t going to give me a straight answer," wrote the woman.