Woman Marries Her Boyfriend's Father To Cheer Him Up After His Mother Passed Away

Woman Marries Her Boyfriend's Father To Cheer Him Up After His Mother Passed Away

The TikToker allegedly married the man so that her boyfriend could have a mother again.

Would you do anything for love? Anything to get rid of your partner's pain and sadness? Even... marry his father? Well, apparently that's what one woman did. TikTok user @ys.amri claimed that her boyfriend's mother passed away and he was devastated. While grieving for her, the girlfriend decided she wanted to cheer him up and take some of the pain away. She was ready to do anything to support him during this difficult time. So, much to everyone's surprise, she unexpectedly married her boyfriend's father so that he could have a mother again, according to Suara.com, as per World Of Buzz. "My boyfriend’s mother died. Because I didn’t want him to be sad, I decided to marry his father so that my boyfriend could have a mother again," she explained in a video, which has been viewed over 8 million times. While some netizens praised the woman for her sacrifice, others were left confused by her gesture.

In another situation, a 44-year-old grandmother named Georgina ran away with her daughter's boyfriend. Ryan, 29, left after the birth of his second child with Georgina’s daughter, 24-year-old Jess Aldridge. The two are now hiding out at the home of Georgina’s sister. The relationship began when Ryan and Jess were living with her parents in Gloucestershire. Georgina has reportedly said 'these things happen' while Ryan says he is in love with his ex-girlfriend's mother. Ryan has been dubbed by the Internet as the “worst dad ever” but doesn't care what people think. He told the Sun, “I don’t care what everyone thinks, I am in love with Georgina and I don’t care who knows about it. Other people’s opinions don’t bother me at all. I know what’s happened. There are two sides to every story and I know the truth behind all this. Not everyone will like what’s happened but it’s none of their business. There’s more to this story than you think but that’s all I want to say.”


While the grandmother-of-six told the outlet, “These things happen,” the rest of the family continue to be in shock. A family member told the outlet, “It’s horrendous, everybody is stunned. We can’t believe Georgina has left her husband and gone off with someone 15 years younger than her.” Many are even more surprised that it's her daughter's boyfriend. Jess apparently questioned her mother about the relationship and she shrugged and said, “We can’t help who we fall in love with.” The mother-of-two is enraged. “I’m still fuming that they think they can just run off together and leave me to look after two young children. I’m in disbelief — Mum still hasn’t bothered to say sorry.” Jess is now back to the two-bed rented home she used to share with Ryan. She shared, “They’ve just been so selfish. I’m horrified. How am I supposed to explain to everyone that the kids’ dad and their gran are in a relationship? Some of our friends saw his new relationship status on Facebook and were stunned. I’ve had lots of messages asking what happened and if I’m OK.”