Woman Says She Killed Husband Who Laughed As His Friends Raped Her. She Had Her Kids Dig Up His Grave In The Backyard

Woman Says She Killed Husband Who Laughed As His Friends Raped Her. She Had Her Kids Dig Up His Grave In The Backyard

Linda Lee Couch, 67, continues to maintain that she shot her husband in the head by accident in 1984.

An Ohio woman who shot her husband in the back of the head in 1984 claimed that it was an accident. She even got her children to help bury his body in the garden. Linda Lee Couch, 67, is one of the 10 inmates profiled in a season of I Am A Killer. The mother-of-three stated that her husband Walter Douglas Couch laughed as she was raped by his friends. Couch met her partner Walter at a wedding reception when she was 16-years-old, and they wed a few months later, according to The Daily Mail. In the series, I Am A Killer she explained, "I was still a teen and I thought I was in love. Now, I wish I'd never met him."


One night she was awoken by all of Walter's friends in her bedroom. "He said they wanted a part of me. I was raped by all his friends and Walt just watched and laughed. I felt trapped. Any time his friends came over, that would happen. Slowly but surely he was bringing me to a breakdown. College was going to be my escape because I would have been there and away from him. It angered him and he wanted me to quit the program and stay at home with him. That was the first time in my marriage that I said no to my husband," she explained.


Couch said the argument escalated where Walter went to fetch a gun that was purchased recently. Linda claimed that she fought him by kicking his groin and taking the gun. She alleged that she tripped and the gun went off accidentally, killing Walter. Couch then dug up the couple's vegetable patch for a shallow grave for her husband. After an investigation, it came to light that it was Couch who bought the gun that was used to kill her husband. What's more disturbing is that she made her three children help her.  Her daughter Roxanne shared, "I didn't kill him but I felt horrible inside. She had me bury my father in the cold ground. That night's actions destroyed an entire family.  She tells stories and she likes to get sympathy. She could tell you a lie and you would believe it's the gospel truth because she believes her own lies."


"Think how brutally cold it is to involve your children in burying of their father, the husband's father, the neighbors," said Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters to Cincinnati’s WKRC in 2018, in advance of Couch’s most recent unsuccessful parole bid.  "It was one of the most calculated murders we've ever dealt with in Hamilton County history."
There was testimony Walter was controlling and that Linda said he hit her the night she shot him.  But Deters disagreed. "That battered woman syndrome is total BS in this case. It just didn't happen, it just didn't happen."  The prosecution stated that Couch wanted out of the marriage because she was tired of it. Deters added that some people should never get out of prison and Linda Couch is one of them. Many Internet users have been left divided about the case. Most seem convinced of her innocence and believe that she was a victim of abuse while others believe her daughter's words.