Cheating Woman Claims Boyfriend's 'Obsession' With Soccer Club Forced Her To Cheat

Cheating Woman Claims Boyfriend's 'Obsession' With Soccer Club Forced Her To Cheat

"Scott is my best friend and I don't want to leave him but I did need a bit of sexual excitement," the woman said

People end up drifting away from their partners for various reasons but you wouldn't think their sports team preference would be one of them. Chloe, 32, says that she got sick and tired of being neglected by her boyfriend Scott and says that she had an affair behind his back because of his obsession with Manchester United, reported the Daily Star UK

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The woman now says that she got bored of having a relationship with a man who was more interested in the football club. "I always knew what I was getting with Scott when we first got together. He has followed United home and away and to all European games since we were at uni together. I thought things would improve in lockdown when he could not go to games. But he was just as obsessed as before and I got bored of always playing second fiddle to the Reds," she said. 

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Talking of the impact Scott's obsession had on their sex life, Chloe said, "Our sex life got stuck in a rut because of United. He would be moody when they lost or drew and he would spend hours on online forums if they won discussing the match." Chloe's friend had been cheating on her partner with a man she met on IllicitEncounters, the UK's leading affairs site and so she urged her to get involved herself. "I manage a gym so I've always been in great shape. I was confident I would get a good response when I first posted my profile. I couldn't believe on the first day I had 15 offers of affairs. They were all from richer, older men who were desperate to meet up and weren't too bothered about the lockdown restrictions," Chloe explained. Soon she began flirting with two married men, both from Manchester, who had always been in 'sex ruts' with their respective partners.

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"I have been with Scott since we were at college. Our sex life was great at first but it inevitably peters out over time and you start going through the motions. That happened with us even before his obsession with United took over. Scott is my best friend and I don't want to leave him but I did need a bit of sexual excitement," she said. Chloe having an affair with her first married lover in the last month when the vaccine roll-out had gathered pace. "I was very careful and made sure we had both had tests before meeting up. We had sex in his car in a deserted spot in the Peak District. It was exciting having sex with someone new. I loved every minute of it. We meet up a couple of times a week – normally when United are playing and I know that Scott is distracted," she admitted. There is no turning back for Chloe as she is excited to meet new people she can have 'affairs' with. "I am not yet ready to embark on a new relationship but it is nice to feel wanted and to get the thrill of a new lover," she said, according to the Daily Star UK