Hurricane Dorian: Kind Woman Saves 97 Dogs' Lives By Giving Them Shelter Inside Her Home

Hurricane Dorian: Kind Woman Saves 97 Dogs' Lives By Giving Them Shelter Inside Her Home

Chella Phillips brings in 97 dogs displaced during the hurricane and gives them shelter inside her home.

A natural disaster affects humans and animals alike. However, we humans often forget about animals during times like these. But the existence of a few people who remember the sufferings of animals just like humans makes a huge difference. A Bahamas woman was such a person. Her generous act saved the lives of many dogs.

According to CBS News, Chella Phillips gave shelter to around 97 dogs who were displaced by the hurricane Dorian. "97 dogs are inside my house and 79 of them are inside my master bedroom," wrote Chella on Facebook along with numerous images.


When the hurricane hit the island on 1 September 2019, Chella who is also the manager of “The Voiceless Dogs of Nassau, Bahamas” - an organization that aims to help stray dogs opened the doors of her house to the helpless dogs caught in the disaster. "It has been insane since last night, poop and piss non-stop but at least they are respecting my bed and nobody has dared to jump in," wrote the woman. The generous woman not only gave shelter to the dogs but also made sure that they were comfortable and secure. "We have barricaded the refuge and nobody is outside, the music is playing in all directions of the house and the AC is blowing for them," wrote the woman.


She thanked people who donated crates for the dogs and said that it was useful for the ones who were scared and sick. Chella who is an animal lover also hoped for the safety of other homeless dogs who were were caught in the deadly hurricane in the islands nearby. "We may not get hit as hard as other islands and the saddest part is that after the hurricane leave the Bahamas, some islands will take a long time to recover. Each island has an abundance of homeless dogs, my heart is so broken for the ones without a place to hide a CAT 5 monster and only God can protect them now," said Chella. 

She requested her followers to pray for the islands and also provided a PayPal address for those who were interested in helping her cause. 

The woman further went on to say that it was the anniversary of their organization and told her users that she was proud of their efforts that gave hopes to homeless dogs. "Coincidently, today is the Fourth anniversary since the refuge opened its doors to homeless and abandoned dogs and we have cared for nearly 1,000 of them which we are very proud that we managed to give them hope so they could all be happy at last," wrote the animal lover. 


Chella who spoke to ABC News told that she had no power and was left with very little water. However, she assured that everyone was ok.

Chella's post went viral and garnered 80K reactions and 56K shares. Facebook users appreciated the kind heart of the woman and applauded her for her exemplary act. "Praying for you all of the animals and everyone else on the island thank you so much for saving all you can," wrote one user. "Well bless your heart for caring for these poor babies," wrote another. Many users also donated to help the dogs in need. 


The hurricane caused havoc in the islands displacing houses and destroying the lives of many leading to a blackout. Chella's selfless act in the midst of such a calamity changed the fate of those homeless dogs.