Woman in Remission Was Given Three Months to Live After Stage 4 Cancer Diagnosis | ‘It’s a Miracle’

Woman in Remission Was Given Three Months to Live After Stage 4 Cancer Diagnosis | ‘It’s a Miracle’

She underwent extensive chemotherapy and surgeries before being being informed that she had 'no cancer'.

A woman who was given three months to live after receiving a stage four colon cancer diagnosis has been informed that she is in remission.

After visiting her doctor in 2019 with a bloated stomach, Caroline Guy was advised that it was most likely due to menopause, per Manchester Evening News. She said, "I felt sluggish, I just didn’t feel right. My stomach was swollen, I’d Googled my symptoms and I actually asked him outright if I had bowel cancer, and he said no."

Guy fell very unwell when visiting her husband Adam in Saudi Arabia in January 2020. She described her condition by saying, "I was in pain walking, I looked seven months pregnant, and I woke up one night and was violently sick. I just felt horrendous." 



Before learning the heartbreaking cancer diagnosis, she underwent a hasty hospitalization and underwent x-ray, MRI, and blood testing. She was informed that the disease progressed to her liver and ovaries. She was given just three to four months to live and was given the diagnosis of stage 4 bowel cancer. She began a chemotherapy regimen, and in September, she returned to Nottingham to visit her daughter, reports BBC.

This was when she tested positive for COVID-19 and had to self isolate. She was also worried about returning to England because her treatment in Saudi Arabia had gone well. When she got a scan later, she was told that she has two more years to live. "I didn’t want to hear a timescale, I was doing really well." So she continued with her fortnightly chemotherapy routine. 

Scan results showed the tumor had diminished to the point where she could have surgery after more treatment in the city. Her intestine was partially removed by Nottingham surgeons, who also had a complete hysterectomy. She was informed that her test results were clean six weeks after significant surgery at the Queen's Medical Centre. Following her diagnosis, Guy is currently in remission, according to the Nottingham hospital.



Guy said, "The surgeon looked at me and said you've got no cancer. I said 'are you sure?'" She added, "I just couldn't believe it. It's a miracle." She further said, "It cost £110,000 for my treatment in Saudi - my husband's retirement fund - because I didn't have insurance. The money it cost for private care - even though it was amazing - it doesn't touch what I've had done here with the NHS, and the NHS gets such a bashing."

Guy will be monitored and in remission for five years. Alastair Simpson, her surgeon, said, "Caroline had extensive chemotherapy and surgical resection of multiple organs, which is physically demanding but also presents a significant psychological burden and carries the potential for serious complications." They added, "Nottingham has an advanced cancer service which is able to coordinate this care and support her through the process."

"It has been a pleasure to be part of the team to manage her from a life-threatening cancer diagnosis into her current state of remission and surveillance."




Cover Image Source: Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust/Facebook