Controlling Boyfriend Demanded Girlfriend Follow 12 Rules Including How To Dress While Cheating On Her

Controlling Boyfriend Demanded Girlfriend Follow 12 Rules Including How To Dress While Cheating On Her

Zoe Scholefield was at a music festival with her friends when her boyfriend texted her 12 rules she had to follow.

It is only when we get into a relationship, we understand who they really are as individuals. Though they might be loving, jealousy, possessiveness, and being controlling is just toxic. Therefore, it is better to leave the relationship before it becomes uncontrollable. One woman did just that after her boyfriend sent her a list of rules she was supposed to follow while enjoying a trip with her friends.


According to Fox News, Zoe Scholefield from West Yorkshire, England, was at a music festival with her friends when her boyfriend texted her a list of 12 rules.

The screenshot shared by the woman showed a numbered list with specific instructions and warnings. The boyfriend even demanded her to get her clothes approved by him before she went ahead with it. It also covered things such as who was allowed in her room, videos, and photographs to prove certain things, the way to behave, etc. 

The list started off with the rule that said, "Don't dance like a slag like in reflex." He then went on to tell no to get too drunk. He also told her that she was supposed to tell men that approached her about being in a relationship. Further, the boyfriend, who seemed to be controlling and doubtful of his girlfriend warned her against having other people in her room.

He even told her she was not supposed to enter another person's room and should be ready to explain any kind of stories he hears of her from the festival. “Always send me photos of front and back of what you are wearing so I can approve and say whether or not I think you should wear it,” wrote the man as the 9th rule.


He then demanded that she text him even if he is sleeping so that he could see it when he wakes up. He concluded his set of weird rules by stating, "If you can (sic) video of room before you sleep to prove no one else is there and you are off to sleep."

Scholefield posted the screenshot on 9 August 2019 on Twitter with a caption that said, "Funny how my ex sent me stuff like this then has the audacity to cheat on me."

Though she did not specify when the music festival was, according to Fox News, the bands that she mentioned appeared at the Nass Festival in Somerset between 12 July 2019 to 14 July, 2019. She also confirmed that she was not with the man anymore and had broken off the relationship.


Meanwhile, the tweet garnered a lot of attention online. "Emotional and verbal abuse can have short-term and long-lasting effects that are just as serious as the effects of physical abuse. Emotional and verbal abuse includes insults and attempts to isolate or control you. Domestic violence bab, you had a lucky escape x," wrote one Twitter user.

Another wrote, "That’s what cheaters do. They want to control you because they know how easy it is to cheat. If anyone talks to you like this, they’re cheating on you."

Another critic of the boyfriend wrote, "What a controlling prick. 11 makes me laugh the most. He only wanted to know in advance so he didnt get caught out with the other person being around also. Best thing of all is you have had a lucky escape from him unlike many others who havent.."


Many called him a "control freak" and a "psychopath." Others talked about encountering such people or being in relationships with them. "Had an ex like this, he was having whole relationships with other girls at the same time as me. Men like this are absolute trash and deserve none of your time," wrote another.


Others were concerned about girls falling for such men and congratulated her on mustering the courage to walk away from such a man. "This message is not okay in the slightest!! Wow, you must be so free and happy your single now what a crazy guy!!"