Woman Dressed As Nun Appears To Be Dancing With Skeleton Outside Graveyard

Woman Dressed As Nun Appears To Be Dancing With Skeleton Outside Graveyard

The bizarre sight left many onlookers confused.

Here's something you don't see every day—a nun dancing with a skeleton outside a graveyard. Or so it seems. Many passersby had to do a double-take when they passed Spring Bank West outside the old Hull General Cemetery. A woman wearing a cream nun’s habit and coif headpiece was spotted appearing to dance with one model human skeleton. What's more, is that at one point she seemed to be playing with another skeleton of what looked like a dog. The incident took place on Saturday around noon on the busy road into Hull.



According to Hull Live, a witness who was shocked at the sight said, “Literally, she was stood at the cemetery on Spring Bank West opposite the turn off for Hymers school. She was dancing with a skeleton. It was clearly attracting a lot of attention with people stopping to watch nearby and people in their cars looking!” Another person could be seen capturing the bizarre scene on film, so it's likely that the dancing nun was being filmed as part of a stunt or art project. The Hull General Cemetery was created in 1847 and closed in 1972. It has not been used in nearly 50 years but is considered a historic site.



Internet users had a lot to say about the spectacle.Some folks enjoyed the "art", with one person tweeting: I love it. It’s an aesthetic I am 100% here for. People who seemed to be from the area joked about the strange sight. One person shared: I live 20 minutes from Hull and can confirm that this is not unusual. Another added: It's just possible I live in one of the strangest places on earth. A person who's been to the graveyard before said: Lmao I’ve walked through that graveyard with a guy I was dating before. If that happened when I was in there they wouldn’t have to take me far to lay me to rest. A fifth punnily wondered: Was it a) a prank b) ghosts, or c) NUN of the above



Speaking of spooky nuns, Cambridgeshire Live reports that Hinchingbrooke House in Cambridgeshire is said to be haunted by the ghost of a murdered nun who "jumps out" at drivers. The story goes that the nun had a secret love affair with a monk. But their forbidden relationship was found out and the two were executed as a result. There's also a nearby bridge over Alconbury Brook, called ‘Nun’s Bridge’, which is supposedly haunted by the same nun. The skeletons of a man and a woman were also said to be discovered under a staircase in the Hinchingbrooke House, believed to be from as far back as 994 to 1050AD. Some people also believe that a monk's spirit also lurks around. In the 1970s, Hinchingbrooke School’s curator told author and ghost hunter Andrew Green there had been multiple reports of seeing the ghost of a monk and a phantom dog. There were supposed sightings of nuns both on and off the school ground as well as sounds of children playing. Eerie, indeed!