Woman Donated Kidney To Boyfriend Who Ended Up Cheating on Her 7 Months Later | “Felt Incredibly Backstabbed”

Woman Donated Kidney To Boyfriend Who Ended Up Cheating on Her 7 Months Later | “Felt Incredibly Backstabbed”

Colleen Le doesn't regret her decision despite everything she has gone through. "I still wouldn't take back saving his life."

Helping the people you love is important. But sometimes people tend to take others' trust for granted and don't think twice before pushing them into difficult positions. A woman from California gave one of her kidneys to her boyfriend and he ended up cheating on her.

Colleen Le shared her experience on TikTok. Colleen congratulated her ex-partner for receiving a second shot at life after she gave him a kidney before abruptly disclosing that he cheated on her afterward in the video.

The 30-year-old account executive told BuzzFeed that a few months after she met her ex-boyfriend in 2015, she decided to donate her kidney. Considering that his kidney function was at less than 5% and he was already going through peritoneal dialysis, the woman felt "like it was urgent and he needed a kidney as soon as possible."



After she underwent surgery to donate her kidney, their relationship remained unchanged for over seven months. But one day her ex-boyfriend, who had previously gone to a bachelor party, unexpectedly showed up at her house to confess that he had cheated on her. She said, "My initial reaction was hurt and betrayal. He was a hardcore Christian and always stuck to his morals throughout our relationship, so it definitely shocked me that he would betray me like that after everything I've done for him. I felt incredibly backstabbed and taken advantage of."

The split led to despair and Colleen found it hard to move on as she was hurt by how easily he had cut ties with her. She had trusted him and had "really thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with him and loved him so much that I saved his life." 



Despite her pain, she attempted to offer her ex-boyfriend another chance. But "thinking back, I don't know why I thought giving him another chance would work out our relationship when my trust in him was completely shattered."

Three months later, when an argument broke over a phone call, he broke up when she said, "No, can we just talk it out?" To this, he responded, "'If God wanted us to be together, then we'll find a way back together in the end.'"

He then hung up the phone and blocked Colleen's phone number as well as her social media profiles. After two months of no contact, her ex-boyfriend reached out in an attempt to meet for lunch around the one-year anniversary of her kidney donation, but she never answered. 

She said, "I didn't respond because I felt like he only reached out to me over guilt." Despite everything, she said that she doesn't regret giving him her kidney. She added, "Despite the outcome of everything, I still wouldn't take back saving his life."




Cover Image Source: TikTok/Colleeeniie