Woman Dies Of Coronavirus Days After Giving Birth Without Seeing Her Baby's Face | “I’m Very Crushed," Says Grieving New Dad

Woman Dies Of Coronavirus Days After Giving Birth Without Seeing Her Baby's Face | “I’m Very Crushed," Says Grieving New Dad

Renae Byrd tried to do everything she could to avoid contracting the illness.

A mother counts the days leading up to her delivery and waits to see the face of her child. From the day she learns about her pregnancy, she hopes and prays for her child's wellbeing. One woman from Jacksonville shared the same joy when she heard she was expecting. Unfortunately, fate had other plans for the mother, and she passed away before seeing her baby. 

According to News4JAX, Renae Byrd was thrilled to be a new mother. She and her husband, Isaac Byrd Jr., announced their good news to their family and friends through Facebook. As months passed by, everything seemed perfect, until Renae’s older brother Roderick was informed that his sister was not well. She was coughing blood and taken to the hospital immediately. 


Having reached the medical facility, the doctors induced labor. "They took her to the ER and they ended up inducing labor then,” said Roderick, according to News4JAX. The woman went through an emergency cesarean section and Renae gave birth to their son, Isaac Boyd III, on 23 August 2020. While the family was happy to see their little boy, they then heard the bad news. On the same day of their son's birth, Renae was confirmed to be positive for coronavirus. The family was devastated, and Renae's brother remembered that it was also the last day his sister was awake.


“The last time I talked to her was on Monday after she had Isaac. It was a really difficult conversation because she was gasping for air. She was crying," said Roderick. The distraught brother tried to cheer his sister by mentioning the birth of her son but the woman was too weak to talk. "I told her ‘Hey, you’re a mommy. I know.’ And, that was the last time we talked,” stated Roderick. 

Just a week after giving birth, the mother passed away after suffering from pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome caused by the virus."I’m heartbroken. I’m very crushed right now. She loved me like nobody ever loved me before," said the husband. 

Remembering his wife, Renae's husband said, "Most important, she was just so loving. She could get the best out of anybody. She was ready to be a mom.” He further added that he wanted to tell their son how his mother was a cheerful woman and cared for others. 


Her brother, who witnessed her pain said, "She said it hurt so much. Breathing was painful." He also added that his sister took the precautionary measures. He said she was extremely careful and remained indoors just to avoid being infected. She even took efforts to lose weight after doctors told her she had gestational diabetes.

"She wore masks everywhere she went. She didn’t go out. She didn’t take any risk. She was very conscientious about being safe for the sake of her baby," said the grieving brother. He also said the newborn to know how caring his mother was. "I want her son to know that he had the best mom in the world and even though she’s not here to take care of him now, she did a great job taking care of him to get him here. She was funny. She was brilliant. He has a mother that he can be very proud of. I want him to know her through us," said Roderick. 


Roderick also urged the public to use his sister's death as a lesson. "She had a son that she didn’t get the chance to see. I want us to learn something from it and do better," said Roderick. 

Renae and her husband met after they connected over their lost spouses, which makes it even worse for the new father.