Sweet Mom Excited About Her Kids' Visiting Shot To Death By Daughter & Boyfriend Who Visited Her During The Holidays

Sweet Mom Excited About Her Kids' Visiting Shot To Death By Daughter & Boyfriend Who Visited Her During The Holidays

The teenagers fled the crime scene in Otillia Piros's car. They were stopped for speeding by an officer in St. Robert, Missouri.

One mother was excited to have her daughter and her boyfriend home for the holidays, but little did she know, that it would be her last holiday. According to People, Otillia Piros from upstate New York was allegedly killed by her teenage daughter, Hannah Thomas, and her boyfriend Richard Avila. The incident came to light after Piros's mother asked the authorities to conduct a welfare check on her because she hadn't heard from her in several days on December 29, 2020. On arriving at the location, the officers found Piros’ body in the kitchen of her home. She had died of an apparent gunshot wound. 


On further investigation, the authorities charged her 17-year-old daughter and her boyfriend with second-degree murder, and second-degree criminal possession of a weapon.Greece, New York  Police Chief Drew Forsythe stated that the couple shot the woman twice in her head. "This woman who didn't deserve this (was shot and killed) over the holidays at the hands of her own daughter," said Forsythe. He added, "Think about that and the manner that this occurred. Our hearts go out to that family, to their friends because it doesn't get much worse than that." The authorities also confirmed that the murder might have taken place on either December 28 or 29. 


After committing the crime, the couple who live in Arizona fled the scene in Piros' car. Forsythe noted that the couple was stopped in St. Robert, Missouri, by a police officer after they traveled at 111 mph. Avila was driving the car at high speed, while Thomas was in the passenger seat. On being questioned, the teens gave inconsistent details about the owner of the vehicle and their identity, thus prompting the officer to contact the Greece police department to check on Piros. Coincidentally, Piros's mother had also called the authorities the same morning to request a welfare check on her daughter. 


Later, detectives from Greece traveled to question the teenagers at St. Robert. They recovered a handgun from the vehicle and arrested the teens. "Ballistic analysis of the weapon was completed and it was determined this firearm was used to murder Otillia," said Forsythe. The teens are currently held in Missouri and are waiting for their transfer to New York. The duo has not entered pleas. It is not known if the couple has attorneys. 

Democrat and Chronicle report that Piros had lived in the home in the home for about 18 months. Her father, too, had also been living with her but was recently sent to a  long-term care facility. "Ottilia was a beloved family member and friend to many in this community who are now grieving the violent and senseless tragedy," Forsythe said. Her death came as a shock to her beloved ones. "The first word when I see her face is smiley. She was just so happy and outgoing, and just a bubbly person. Everybody loved her," said Ashley Tatum, a longtime friend of Piros', according to People