Livid Wife Wants Divorce After Husband Uses Mean Nickname For Her Among His Friends|It Will Make Your Blood Boil Too

Livid Wife Wants Divorce After Husband Uses Mean Nickname For Her Among His Friends|It Will Make Your Blood Boil Too

The devastated woman said she could not trust her partner who body-shamed her in front of his friends.

One would never expect their partner to pass demeaning comments about them to their friends. One woman took to Reddit after she discovered her husband's insensitive and cruel nickname for her among his friends' circle. 

According to Mirror Online, the woman first came to know of her nickname after borrowing her husband's phone. A message from her husband's friend read, "Do you and ST still want to do the Halloween plans?"

The woman was confused and asked her husband what the acronym ST meant. After refusing to reveal it for a while, he told her it meant "Super Terrific." But the woman was not convinced. She was so curious that she decided to go on Reddit to ask people what they thought about "ST."

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Many Redditors racked their brains and came up with numerous suggestions. Some of the suggestions were very insulting and offensive. However, at the end of it, the woman updated the Reddit readers giving rest to their curiosity.

She stated that one of her husband's female friends reached out to her and disclosed the nickname. "She sent me a screenshot of his message which reads verbatim 'LOL o s*** (Me) just saw that, I'm so screwed hahaha but seriously don't send that anymore, I'm gonna end up in the doghouse (tears of laughter emoji)," wrote the wife.

She further went on to say that the friend told her "ST" stood for "sausage t*ts." The woman also told users that her husband found the nickname funny due to the shape of her breasts. 

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"That's what my husband and his gaggle of mental 12-year-olds refer to me. I don't even know how or why it started. I cannot fathom the thought that my husband could have described my boobs in detail to all his friends. And then they thought it sounded hilarious enough to make a nickname out of??" wrote the devastated woman, according to Mirror Online. 

The female friend also told the wife that her husband had asked the group to stop using the nickname. However, he did not insist on it much. 

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"He apologized sincerely and promised he'd never call me that again or let any of his friends. Why did he ever in the first place. It's not a complimentary nickname that you wouldn't foresee a person not liking... right? Isn't it obvious it's mean spirited, or am I crazy to assume so?" wrote the woman. However, she was not convinced by the apology. She told users that she was considering a divorce. 

"Is there some way I'm just not able to see where it's not actually as bad as I feel?? Anyway, that's about it. I don't know what to do. We're sleeping in separate rooms because I can't bare to be near him or have him see me. I never want him to see me naked again. I'm trying to figure out if my need for space is temporary or permanent. If it's permanent, then I'll be pursuing divorce," wrote the wife.

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She continued, "I just thought so highly of him. I never could have imagined he'd view me like this behind his back. It's like if he was to gain weight and I encouraged all my friends to start calling him fatass or beer belly behind his back." 

She further went on to say it would be difficult for her to trust him again. "See, the issue I'm realizing is now there will always be a fear in my mind that he's saying nasty things about me to who knows who. No idea how I'll trust him again, realistically speaking this is likely to be another story that ends in divorce. Not even sure if he really gets it or cares," she added.

Reddit users were furious after the wife's update. They would not believe someone could do that to his wife.

"This is horrible. He’s mocking your body. He has no consideration for you," wrote one. Another stated, "You don’t deserve this at all. Your husband should be treating you with love and respect, and this isn’t good enough."