'Evil Stepmother' Gets Schooled Online After She Requested Online Editors To Make Changes In Family Photo

'Evil Stepmother' Gets Schooled Online After She Requested Online Editors To Make Changes In Family Photo

The woman explained saying that after taking photos with the child she wanted some without him

On one hand, we have heartwarming stories of people adopting children and giving them the unconditional love they deserve and on the other, we have women like this mother who prove that "evil stepmothers" are not just found in fairytales but in real life too. 

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There are several groups on social media with editors who edit photos for fun and for free. Many times they take in bizarre requests and provide entertainment to viewers online with funny edits. Some are heartwarming as well like when a boy approached an editing group and told them that his mother had lost her parents when she was very young. An editor on the group took it upon himself to animate her parent's photographs making it as if they were smiling at her or whoever was looking at the photo. Just when you think this must be the safest and happiest corner of the internet, there are 'horror' stories as well. 

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One stepmother asked a similar Facebook group to edit her stepson out of the family photos after they had a photoshoot done. The woman said that 'she loves him, though' but wanted him out of it. There wasn't a single user who wasn't outraged by her demands, and many people shared the story about the “evil stepmom”. Popular website 'Bored Panda' managed to reach out to the child’s biological mother and asked her about her first reaction when she saw the story online, and she said that she was pissed at first, because she had only found out about this through her son’s grandma, who saw it on the stepmom’s Facebook page. The biological mom further claimed that she wasn’t informed about the situation by the stepmom or the father. She revealed that the stepmom didn’t try to apologize until after she had called her son’s grandma, asking if she knew, reported gucmakale

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The biological mother said that she was amazed by the internet’s reactions but doesn’t know what she will do next. On the other hand, the step-mother who had received enough backlash over her request wrote a statement saying that she was sorry and that she had only asked for it as she wanted some with him and but some without him as well. She then explained that no matter how she puts it will still sound wrong.