Woman, 23, Dies In A Freak Accident After Her Head Gets Stuck Between Her Car And Payment Machine In A Garage

Woman, 23, Dies In A Freak Accident After Her Head Gets Stuck Between Her Car And Payment Machine In A Garage

Her body was discovered the following day by a security guard who called the police

Sometimes the simplest of actions can prove to be fatal. In a freak accident, Victoria Strauss, 23, a Florida native and a graduate from the Ohio State University, would have never have imagined that her trying to pick up her credit card that had fallen out of the car would lead to her untimely death.


The incident happened when Strauss was trying to exit the parking garage at 45 Vine Street, Ohio. While she was trying to pay her parking fee with her credit card, she dropped it. Strauss then opened the door of her car and leaned out to pick it up, but instead, she had accidentally accelerated her car. This caused the car to collide with the payment kiosk, thus trapping Strauss's head between the car door and the door frame, immediately killing her, the Columbus Police Department stated. 


According to The Columbus Dispatch that the devastating incident was captured on security cameras in the garage happened around 11:37 p.m. on Monday, January 18, 2021. The woman's body was only discovered the following day at around 5:40 a.m on Tuesday when a security guard found an unresponsive woman at a parking garage on 45 Vine Street and called the police. She was pronounced dead at the scene by EMS workers. The police department took to Facebook to share a press release about Strauss's death.


An investigation into her death has been opened. The police department also shared statistics of car crashes in the month of January alone. "To date in 2021, Columbus has had 9 fatal crashes resulting in 9 fatalities." Social media netizens were shaken up by the news and shared their condolences to her friends and family, "This is horrific I'm so sorry may she rest peacefully I can't imagine having 2 b the mother and family members 2 receive this news, how devastating," said one, while another wrote, "It’s not that it’s so horrific. It’s more so shocking and unbelievable because sadly it was preventable. They’re teaching us all a lesson." 


Some were shocked by the very nature of the accident, "I thought I'd heard of every kind of possible accident, but this is something new. So young, too! Sad for her family that have to deal with this," a third added. Another person called out the security company for not monitoring the lots properly, "Security company needs better way to patrol their garages. So sorry this young lady was killed and not found for hours. My heart is so heavy for her family and friends, could of happened to any one of us."