Heartbroken Wife Who Struggled With "Infertility" For Years Finds Out Husband Had A Vasectomy Before Marriage

Heartbroken Wife Who Struggled With "Infertility" For Years Finds Out Husband Had A Vasectomy Before Marriage

She took 29 pregnancy tests and hormone injections, blaming herself for not getting pregnant until her husband reveals the truth.

For years, this woman has been picturing herself becoming a mother and has been trying everything she possibly could to get pregnant. She was ready to go through all kinds of tests and treatments because all she wanted was a baby of her own. But the biggest pain came three years later when her husband finally admitted the real reason she wasn't getting pregnant.

The woman underwent fertility treatments and even blamed her Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), thinking that might be why she wasn't getting pregnant. The only thing her husband did was watch his wife take hormone injections and take 29 pregnancy tests that came out negative, Daily Mail reports.


The Reddit post in which she spoke about the huge lie mentioned that their doctor suggested conducting a semen analysis on her husband but he kept refusing. She supported his decision but only now knows the real reason why she kept denying it. "I'm hurt, to say the least. Dr kept suggesting semen analysis but he refused," the woman wrote, according to The Sun. "I supported his decision as I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome so assumed that was the problem."

Not once did her husband come forward and tell her that he already had a vasectomy before marrying her, even when she was spending a significant amount of money and time on trying to get pregnant. But more than the price of the treatments, it would have also taken a significant toll on her emotionally.

"After three years of painful, invasive and expensive fertility treatment, I find out my husband had a vasectomy before we met," the distressed woman wrote. "He let me endure 29 negative pregnancy tests and numerous hormone injections and he never thought to tell me." Her husband was previously married to another woman. While he was still with his ex-wife, he decided that it would be best for him to get a vasectomy. That way, she wouldn't get pregnant, making it tougher for him to get through the divorce.

Once he married again after the divorce, he decided not to tell his new wife and told her he did it because he was afraid she might leave. "He also explained that he didn't tell me because he loved me and was worried I would leave," wrote the woman.


The woman spent her time in the marriage believing that she was the reason they weren't having a child. It was only after she told her husband to choose between IVF and divorce that he finally came clean. Only then did she finally get to know the reality of why she wasn't getting pregnant.

Hearing the truth for the first time would have been devastating for her. Although she realized that her husband had been hiding a huge secret from her, she decided to give him a choice. "So I've laid out the options: he gets it reversed, he agrees to me using donor sperm or we get a divorce," she wrote.

Despite everything, she still desperately hopes to become a mother. But knowing that her husband lied to her for so long and let her go through so many tests makes her question whether it's worth letting him be the father of her baby. She said, "I love him. But I'm broken. And given his lies, I think we are better off not married. I could still get donor sperm and honestly, that might be for the best." No matter what, she is still determined to become a mother.


A number of people who responded to her post said that the best thing for her to do was to leave her husband. One said, "I hope she leaves him. This is unbelievable. A lot of people I know with PCOS are already very stressed about their chances of being able to conceive and this a**hole made it worse for his wife."

Another one question how someone could watch their loved one go through something like this, saying, "This guy is straight up TRASH. Certified absolute garbage. How do you let someone you supposedly love go through all that?"