Wife Shocked After Fiancé's Work Friend Asks Him To Be In The Delivery Room While She Gives Birth | Who Was Wrong?

Wife Shocked After Fiancé's Work Friend Asks Him To Be In The Delivery Room While She Gives Birth | Who Was Wrong?

The woman was bothered by her partner's friend who seemed to share a great rapport with him even outside work.

Having close friends outside of your relationship is normal among couples. However, your partner might not be comfortable if the bond with your friend crosses a line. One woman took to Reddit to talk about one of her fiancé's close friends. 

She began the post by saying that she and her fiancé of 10 years had been facing problems since last year. She wrote, "I have been with my fiancé "F" for almost 10 years. We have had a great relationship except for maybe the last year, there's been a lot of stressors, such as our financial situation, dealing with the loss of a family member and we are having a bit of problem communicating how to best raise our kids," according to Reddit.

The woman then went on to say that her partner made a very close female friend from his work that he joined 3 years ago. Though she admitted the friend was a nice person, she stated that she often felt jealous watching their chemistry. "He started a new job 3 years ago and made friends with "K". K became very close to my fiance quickly, she's nice enough but I just can't keep a conversation going with her but she and F can chat for hours.

She continued, saying, "That's okay, I am completely for couples having different friends. However, I do feel a bit jealous that F and K can joke around and have a fun conversation where lately it's just been all business between F and I whenever we talk."

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She even added that the close friend often dropped by their house unexpectedly and considered her partner to be her confidant. "Sometimes K just comes over without notice or calls F and complains about her relationship," added the woman. In spite of being concerned about their close connection for a long time, the woman only lost her cool when she heard that her partner's friend wanted him to be present while she gave birth.

She stated that her partner's friend was hit by the tragedy of losing her husband just months before her due date. Since then, the pregnant friend began confiding in the user's husband even more. "K and her partner were expecting a baby and tragically her partner died suddenly 2 months before the baby is due. K has strongly leaned on F during this time," wrote the woman. Soon after, her partner told her that his close friend 'K' wanted him to be present in the delivery room when she gave birth.

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The woman was shocked. She did not want her fiancé to be present and did not allow him to go because she believed it was not his place to be. "I got home from work tonight F tells me K wants him to be with her when she gives birth. I'm trying to be understanding but I think it's very inappropriate and disrespectful. She has plenty of support with her family and the father's family and other friends. It was very intimate and personal when I gave birth and I feel uncomfortable with him being with someone else going through that. Am I the asshole for telling him not to do it," wrote the woman. 

Reddit readers were quick to respond to the woman's story. Most of them could side with the friend as they all thought her request was weird and awkward. "[S]omeone in grief does irrational things, but is your husband prepared to also father this baby?" wrote one user, according to Cafe Mom. Another said, "It's ok for men and women to be friends and help each other out. But his relationship with this woman doesn't feel like a normal friend relationship. I get each person has different dynamics with their friends but ... I don't know. This just rubbed me the wrong way. It seems like he takes better emotional/supportive care of this friend than he does the mother of his children ..."

One user just called their relationship "super inappropriate". However, some users asked the woman not to worry as long as they did not have a sexual relationship.