Devoted Wife Refused To Give Up On Husband In Coma | 5 Years Later Her Prayers Came True & He Woke Up

Devoted Wife Refused To Give Up On Husband In Coma | 5 Years Later Her Prayers Came True & He Woke Up

She sat by his bedside and talked to him, fed him, and played him his favorite songs for five years, waiting for the miracle she wanted.

She wasn't worried about how hard it was or how long it takes. Li Zhihua's wife, Zhang Guihuan, wasn't ready to just sit beside him doing nothing as he lay in a coma; she dedicatedly nursed him every single day until he finally woke up five years after his accident.

All her efforts finally gave her the miracle she was hoping for when about a year ago, Li Zhihua regained his conscious. The very first words that left his lips were "Wife, I love you!"

In 2013, Li Zhihua from China had gotten into a severe traffic accident where he was pushed off of his scooter as he was driving to work.

"When he was taken to the hospital, he was in a vegetative state. He could not respond to anything," Dr Wan Qing'an told reporters, according to Mail Online.

Zhang Guihuan, who is now 57, said, "The doctor told me it was possible that he would be in a persistent vegetative state."


But she refused to accept the diagnosis. Her devotion to her husband helped her spend 20 hours every day beside her husband. She would sit on the edge of his bed and talk to him, feed him, and even play his favorite songs for him.

"These things were very helpful to stimulate his nervous system," Dr. Wan said.

Zhang Guihuan did not mind any of the sacrifices that came with it. It didn't matter to her that for about 2,000 days she cared for her husband without getting enough sleep herself. Running on two to three hours of sleep a day, she spent most of her time nursing her husband and she lost 22 pounds (10 kilograms) over the years.

She would patiently remain by his side and feed him by putting food into his mouth. Zhang Guihuan would even give a gentle press to his tongue, signaling that he could eat.


After five years of waiting for her husband to regain his conscious, she finally got her husband back and was able to see him proclaim his love for her as his first words after the coma.

Li Zhihua stayed back in the hospital so that he could take appropriate treatment for his recovery. Even though he struggled to pronounce words properly, Dr. Wan said that Li Zhihua was aware of his surroundings and could understand what was going on.

With the help of a frame and his wife's support, Li Zhihua has been trying to walk and has been making overall progress. The nurses have been helping him improve his range of movement and Zhang Guihuan has even been giving him massages.


Even the staff could see the impact that his wife's love had on Li Zhihua. The head nurse, Xia Li said, "[She] taught her partner many movements and patiently demonstrated them to him without any complaint."

Not once has Zhang Guihuan's commitment to her husband wavered ever since he got into the accident. She said, "I have never thought about giving up. As long as he is alive, I will keep serving him."

Marriage isn't just about sticking by each other through the good, but being equally committed when things turn for the worst. Zhang Guihuan, a truly devoted wife, stuck by her husband and never gave up. And the hope she brought into the hospital room every single day for 5 years while Li Zhihua was in a coma did not go to waste. And she continues to be his pillar of support as he continues his treatment for recovery. 

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