Dad Shocked After His Swimming Trunks Dissolve In The Pool Thanks To Wife's Hilarious Prank

Dad Shocked After His Swimming Trunks Dissolve In The Pool Thanks To Wife's Hilarious Prank

The TikTok duo, @mr_mrs_wash, posted the funny albeit evil evil clip on the platform where it went viral.

A dad from Fort Wayne, Indiana, was shocked when he took a dip into a swimming pool when his swim trunks started to disappear. His wife was recording his reaction while she laughed through his poor predicament. The TikTok duo, @mr_mrs_wash, posted the hilarious clip where it received a massive 24.8 million views. "When your husband doesn't know you got him dissolvable swimming trunks," read the caption.



The video starts with Mr. Wash casually getting into the pool. "How the water feel?" asked Mrs. Wash. As he tested the water with his feet, he replied, "hot." "Go ahead," she encourages him while quietly giggling. Soon enough he begins to feel something changing. "Oh!” A look of horror crosses his face. His wife asks, “What happened?” “They split!” he cries in shock, covering himself beneath the water. The shocked husband didn't realize he was wearing dissolvable swimming trunks provided by his wife—until it was too late. His wife loses it and erupts in laughter. He whispers frantically, “It’s kids out here!” "Get out the water," his wife responded, laughing uncontrollably. The poor man looks around to make sure no one sees him in his birthday suit as he sprints out of the water to seek shelter and a change of clothes. His swim trunks were barely clinging on for dear life as it was reduced to the drawstring around his waist and a tattered remnant of the dissolved material. Now, the hilariously evil prank is cracking up TikTokers around the world!



In the comments, one concerned TikToker asked, “Did you lock the door?” Mrs. Walsh simply replied, “Yes I did,” along with three laugh-crying emojis. Others chimed in as well. “The tip-toe out the water and run to the door had me dying,” said one user, laughing.“Not the G-string!” laughed another. “I love how he immediately thought of the kids,” a third joked.  A lot of people were just discovering the existence of the prank trunks, which are typically used at bachelor parties. “This has got to be the funniest invention yet,” shared one user. “I can’t believe these exist! I want them so badly for my husband,” another user joked.



We found a seller on Amazon displaying the product for nearly $45 with the caption: These shorts are the ultimate prank for any occasion. The victim will never know the difference before they enter water, after which, the shorts will fall apart and dissolve. If you’re looking to get one back on a partner, or be laughing hard on a bachelor or stag party then you have found the best possible prank. The shorts dissolve through a special thread that disintegrates once exposed to water. One prankster reviewed the product giving it a high rating and sharing their story: I bought these for my boyfriend. He was meeting my family for the first time on memorial day. They had rented a water slide. He went down once and all was well. When he stepped up the ladder for round two, all the threads had dissolved. All his goods fell out the bottom. He dropped to the ground holding his bits. We were all laughing so hard that no one could get him a towel. He was a good sport. He laughed so hard. He liked the prank and definitely wants to marry me now.