Husband Leaves Wife To Deliver Their Baby Alone In Hospital And Goes On A Trip To Spend Time With Another Woman

Husband Leaves Wife To Deliver Their Baby Alone In Hospital And Goes On A Trip To Spend Time With Another Woman

Emily Griffiths thought she should reunite with her husband James, in spite of what he had done. But soon, she realized she could never forgive him.

When you love somebody, you expect them to be honest and loyal to you. Therefore, it breaks your heart when your partner decides to take advantage of you. Emily Griffiths went through a lot. Neither did she get the trust she deserved nor was she treated respectfully by the man she loved.

According to Sun, Emily, from Ely, Cambridgeshire was just 16 years when she met James at her workplace. The man, who was 10 years elder to her, worked as her manager and the teenager could not wait to start her shift each day. He was everything she wanted in a partner and Emily was in the clouds when James asked her out. 

"Funny and charming, James was exactly my type and I knew I liked him as more than just a friend.
So when he asked me out, I was over the moon," recalled Emily. Their love was magical and something out of a fairytale-like she thought it would be. Six years after dating, James popped the big question. The couple tied the knot in March 2015 and Emily could not be happier. "The ceremony was perfect and I couldn't wait to plan for the future with my new husband," said Emily.


Emily already had a son and was excited to see James taking the role of a stepfather. They had always wanted children together and started trying soon after the wedding. A month after their wedding, their dreams became a reality. "'You're going to be a dad,' I told James excitedly when I returned home. Ecstatic, he couldn’t stop smiling. 'I can't wait,' he grinned," said the 27-year-old. However, after five months of pregnancy, something changed. James told Emily that he was not sure of their relationship. He said he had doubts regarding the marriage and their baby.

"His confession came out of nowhere and newly married, with a baby on the way, I was distraught," recalled Emily. The pregnant woman did expect her marriage to fall apart within a month. They separated and the couple decided to take some time off each other. However, James came back to her life and told her he wanted to be back in her life. 

Emily was desperate and wanted to save her marriage. "I felt torn. I was desperate to save our marriage, but I didn’t want to get hurt again. Cradling my burgeoning bump, I decided the right thing to do was to reunite our family," recalled the woman.

They decided to take things slow while living apart until the birth of the baby. Emily thought time could heal their broken relationship. Just six weeks before the delivery, Emily waved goodbye to James, who was excited to go on a guys trip. She reminded him to check his phone and kissed him goodbye.

"'Don’t forget to check your phone!' I reminded him. Our baby wasn’t due for another six weeks, but he knew he had to be on standby. 'I won’t,' he grinned, kissing me goodbye," said Emily. 

Days after James left, Emily felt sick. At 34 weeks pregnant, the mother felt she was going to give birth. She panicked and called James. "Terrified, I was rushed to hospital, where doctors insisted they needed to deliver my baby - now," recalled the mother. She wanted her partner by her side and made calls repeatedly. Her mother too tried to reach James.  However, it was all in vain. 

"'James, I’m in labour! The baby’s coming!' I yelled to his answering machine as I was rushed onto the delivery ward. I’d told him to keep an eye on his phone but now, I was about to give birth prematurely and my baby's dad was nowhere to be seen," said the woman. 

Emily gave birth to their premature son, Ethan without her husband to hold her hands. Ethan was rushed to the NICU for treatment and Emily yearned the presence of her husband. "It was a terrifying time. I needed my husband now more than ever. I rang him again and, finally, James answered. 'You're a daddy,' I spat down the phone," recalled the mother of two. 

But, James's reply was unexpected. It broke her heart in a second. "'I’m so sorry... I was with another woman,' he confessed. The phone went limp in my hand. I was lying in my hospital bed - while James told me he was bedding another bird. I’d been going through a traumatic delivery, our son was fighting for his life. How could he?" said Emily.

He said he was coming over and the mother did not want to deny her child's father the right to see him. When he arrived, he apologized to her and begged her for another chance. "James’ betrayal was almost too much to bear but Ethan needed his mummy and daddy more than ever, so reluctantly I agreed to take James back," said Emily.

They visited their son and soon reunited as a family. However, it was not easy for Emily to forget what James had done to her. "We were united by mutual love for our little boy, but I struggled to get over James' affair," said Emily.

In 2017, they decided to split. But, the two share a cordial relationship for the sake of their son. "I couldn’t just forgive and forget and although our relationship limped along for just over a year we finally split for good in February 2017. Every mother remembers the agony of labour, but James made sure I’ll never forget mine," said the heartbroken mother.