Devoted Wife Dies Of Asbestos-Related Cancer After Washing Husband's Work Clothes For Decades

Devoted Wife Dies Of Asbestos-Related Cancer After Washing Husband's Work Clothes For Decades

Maureen Malpass was a dutiful wife, married for 48 years till she died. Decades of washing her husband's work clothes are believed to have exposed her to the devasting effects of asbestos which led to her death.

Maureen Malpass was a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother. She religiously took care of her husband and children and made sure the house looked spic and span. However, she never thought one of her chores would result in a deadly illness. According to Mirror Online, the loving mother is believed to have died from asbestos-related cancer after decades of washing her husband's work clothes. "At the time I didn’t realize what I was bringing home and the destructive impact it would have on our lives," said her husband Tom.

70-year-old Tom has worked as a rigger at a coal-fired power station. The man has also worked at a power plant for years but was unaware of the deadly illnesses that could be caused by asbestos. Everything was normal until their family holiday in Cyprus.


Maureen and her family were in Cyprus for a holiday when she felt unwell. A year later in 2017, the woman died of a rare form of cancer called peritoneal mesothelioma which develops in the lining of the abdomen. When Tom realized that his wife was affected by asbestos-related cancer, he was devastated. "I can’t help feeling angry but also incredibly guilty that I caused it. In the early days, we were not told about the risks. I wasn’t aware that it was a death sentence at the time. I’ve had a lot of hospital checks myself and they haven’t come across anything yet but it just seems so utterly unfair. It was beyond our control," said Tom quoted Mirror Online.

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Tom recalled that his wife of 48 years washed his clothes infected with toxins every day. Paying tribute to his late wife, Tom said it was heartbreaking to realize she was at risk and that he was unaware of it. He remembered his amazing wife and her sacrifices for the family. "It’s heartbreaking to think all those years she was at risk and we didn’t have a clue. Maureen wasn’t one to complain and was very stoic throughout. We didn’t have a clue what it was and were completely shocked when we realized it was asbestos-related. She was a very happy woman and dedicated to her family." said Tom quoted Mirror Online.

He cherished his days with her and recalled the first time he met her. "We met as teenagers at a club in Wolverhampton. She caught my eye and from that moment we were inseparable. She had to put up with me working away but she took it all in her stride," said Tom quoted Mirror Online. 

While grieving the loss of his dear wife, Tom also decided to investigate the cause of his wife's cancer with the help of specialist asbestos lawyers. "Peritoneal mesothelioma is an aggressive and rare form of incurable cancer. Despite Maureen never working with asbestos herself we believe she developed this horrific disease through secondary contamination through her husband’s workwear," said Industrial disease lawyer Emma Newman.

Burdened with the wife's death and the reason for her loss, Tom is helpless. The man said, "She was a doting and dutiful wife and mother who loved taking care of us all. We all have suffered greatly at her loss and miss her incredibly."