Devastated Husband Lost Wife On Their Vacation, Received Her Body Later With Organs Robbed & Says Could Only Bury "Half" Of Her

Devastated Husband Lost Wife On Their Vacation, Received Her Body Later With Organs Robbed & Says Could Only Bury "Half" Of Her

"At that point, I wanted to die out there with her rather than come home alone," the husband said after his wife passed away on her 54th birthday.

To celebrate his wife's 54th birthday was all that Peter Crouch had in mind. But once they set out to the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean to share a memorable, romantic holiday with each other, his entire world came to a standstill when her birthday turned out to be the very day she passed away.

What crushed him further was not even getting the chance to give her a proper burial. "I know that is not my Lynne," he said months after their trip in December.


During their romantic getaway, his wife, Lynne seemed perfectly fine until one morning she woke and found it difficult to even stand. "It all happened so fast - one minute we were standing at the bar and the next morning Lynne couldn't get out of bed," Peter said, according to the Daily Mail. "I was feeling 100 percent but she became so ill so quickly - why did this happen to her and not me?"

The moments that led up to Lynne's death were devastating for Peter. The day before she passed away, he wrote in his diary, "Lynne does not know who I am and says she can't see - only bright lights... I stay with Lynne all night and watch as she can't hear or see me and I just hold her hand and wait for the morning."

"At that point, I wanted to die out there with her rather than come home alone," he added. The next day evening, she passed away leaving Peter behind.


What he hoped for was some time to grieve in his own way and cope with the death of his wife. But it was only the beginning of 'hellish' months where he would question over and over again about what really happened to his beloved wife. When she was admitted to a Dominican hospital, Peter was later told that his wife contracted meningitis. However, once he returned home to the UK with her body, the post-mortem revealed that her body showed no signs of the disease.

He was also told that parts of his wife's body were missing. If he hadn't gotten a second post-mortem after returning back home, he would've never known that his wife's body was missing her heart, eyes, stomach, and several other body parts. "Finding out that my Lynne’s heart was missing was devastating," Peter told Mirror. "We would never have known if we had not managed to get a second post mortem done in the UK."

While most people hope for a sense of closure when they lose their loved ones, Peter didn't have that because all he had left of his wife was "an empty shell".

"When we got her body back there was nothing there. It was an empty shell. I had to put less than half of my wife to rest," he said. "I hurt so much and miss my beautiful Lynne. I so wish I died on next to her on that hospital bed."


He spent months making phone calls, sending emails, and shelling out money for lawyers to track down where his wife's missing body parts were. He was desperate to know why his wife's body was cut up and where the missing organs had gone. Finally, he was told that the organs had been found and on June 13, which was Peter and Lynne's wedding anniversary, the organs arrived in the UK.

But something told him that they weren't Lynne's body parts and the coroners had not yet conducted DNA tests to confirm things for him. "I know that is not my Lynne," Peter said. "You can't just find body parts like that all of a sudden after months and months of not knowing where they are. Something's not right."

Peter fears that his wife's body parts might be lying somewhere in a Dominican medical center or worse, have found their way to the body part black market of the Caribbean. He struggles to sleep even months after her death, knowing that his wife's body parts might still be somewhere miles and miles away from him. Quite often, the organs of tourists are harvested illicitly, but Peter may never know for sure if that's what really happened to Lynne.

"Organs are taken for many reasons - autopsies easily turn into dissections and then to the retention of organs used for many reasons, including being sold to scientists for clinical research," said Prof. Scheper-Hughes, director of Medical Anthropology at the University of California.

For the rest of his life, Peter will probably wonder how this happened to his wife and until he gets some answers, he might never even know what really happened to her. He said, "I cannot bring Lynne back, but I can bring this to the public’s attention in a desperate effort to stop this happening to someone else’s loved one."