Suspicious Wife Snooped On Husband After After Finding Long Hair In The Shower | What She Came To Know Shocked Her

Suspicious Wife Snooped On Husband After After Finding Long Hair In The Shower | What She Came To Know Shocked Her

The wife was surprised to see men's shoes outside her house. She did not see it coming.

The fear of your partner leaving you or cheating on you can creep into our minds especially if we see them acting strangely. One woman had the same doubts when she found several strands of long hair in the bathroom. However, the woman was in for a surprise once she realized what was actually happening behind her back. 

The woman took to Reddit to express her paranoia. She told the users that she was finding long hair strands in her bathroom though her husband was bald and she had very short hair.

"While cleaning the bathroom I found a number of long hair strands over my bathroom wall by the shower. This struck me as very odd because not only does my husband not have hair, I also wear a very cropped, short hairstyle. So it’s impossible for the strands I found to belong to either me or my husband," wrote the woman. 

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She further claimed that she had observed a pattern. The hair strands were only found when she was away for long hours. With more hair strands found, the woman could help but think that her husband was seeing someone behind her back. She even went ahead and asked her partner about it. However, he ignored it leaving her with even more doubts.

"I feel like I’m going crazy and feel like I shouldn’t just immediately go to my husband cheating on me with a longer-haired woman. I asked my husband about it and he just shrugged. Which makes me more paranoid as surely this is something that’s strange so why is he so blasé about it! I’m starting to think he’s playing it down to stop me from finding out the truth," wrote the woman on Reddit. 

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Having found the hair again, she confronted her husband once more. This time, he told her it must be her's. "He dismissed it but this time admitted it’s strange but told me the only explanation is that they must be my hairs. They are not and after saying so, now he’ll just ignore me if I bring it up," stated the confused woman, according to Reddit. 

The worried woman said she did not want to assume her partner was betraying her. On the other hand, she was determined to get to the bottom of it. However, days later, she posted another update of the incident on Reddit. At first, she wanted to spy in her partner's activities through a camera. But soon enough, she decided the best thing to do was to drop home unexpectedly early. 

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On reaching her home early, she found a pair of new men's shoes at the entrance. While she was confused and still deciding her next move, her husband walked out of the kitchen with two cups of tea. "By my husband's face it was obvious he was surprised to see me. Playing along with naivete, I asked my husband how he could have known I was coming home early to make me tea?" wrote the woman. Instead of playing along with the woman, the husband decided to come clean. 

He revealed that a friend of his had been using their shower with is permission. "His friend; someone I'm not all the close with because only met once, was evicted, lost his job, and had been couch surfing. So for some days over the past couple of weeks, this guy has been travelling to our house, and with the acceptance of my husband, using our bathroom to freshen up to attend interviews. He was also borrowing shirts and suits from my husband. As it turns out, my husband's friend has long hair and a beard," wrote the woman. 

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The woman then told users that she met her husband's friend Dave. Later, the woman asked her husband why he didn't inform her about Dave. The man said he feared she would disprove and added that his friend was embarrassed about the whole situation. She then opened up to him and told him that she feared he was cheating on her.

"I told my husband I was starting to believe he was cheating and he was shocked, having not even considering those implications while attempting covering for his friend. I told him this whole thing was ridiculous and even suggested his friend live with us until he's back on his feet," wrote the woman.

Seems like all's well that ends well, in this case, doesn't it?