Widow Who Pleaded The Public To Find Her Husband's Murderer Arrested For His Death

Widow Who Pleaded The Public To Find Her Husband's Murderer Arrested For His Death

Jennifer Faith's husband was killed just a day after their 15th wedding anniversary by her former boyfriend.

One woman gained the sympathy of her community with her feigned pain and grief. However, months after putting up with the act and blinding the authorities, her lies were shattered.

According to People, Jennifer Faith was arrested by the investigators after four months of her husband, James Faith's demise. Dallas police have charged the woman with the obstruction of justice in connection to the shooting of her husband on 9 October 2020. 



The incident took place in the couple's neighborhood of North Oak Cliff just a day after their 15th wedding anniversary. As per the initial statements, Jennifer and James were out walking their dog after 7:30 a.m when the tragedy struck. The 49-year-old American Airlines executive was shot multiple times by a man who ran up to them just as they set out to walk.

Speaking to NBCDFW just after the horrific event, Jennifer stated, "I heard running behind me, and I turned around and all of a sudden somebody just started shooting at him." She continued, "And just kept shooting and shooting and shooting." The arrest documents claimed that the gunman also restrained Jennifer's hands with duct tape and stole her jewelry before leaving the crime scene.

In the months following the gruesome shooting, Jennifer pleaded to the public for any information to catch her husband's killer. She stated, "My hope is that someday perhaps the person will realize the gravity of what they've done and what they have taken from myself and my daughter. He was just the backbone of our family. It was just devastating."


The widow's words moved the hearts of many and everyone hoped for the culprit to be brought to justice.

"I hear the woman screaming for her life. It sounded terrible. It sounded like a movie. I see their dog moving, big ol' pretty dog took off running so I knew it was my neighbors. My heart breaks for [the victim's wife], you know. It's just sad," said neighbor Melinda Mendoza, recounting the horrific day of the murder. A GoFund Me page was also started to support the grieving widow. 

However, neither the public nor the authorities suspected Jennifer to be guilty. Surprisingly, at the end of the investigation, police discovered pieces of evidence that clarified Jennifer's role in the murder of her husband. 

Police found that the woman's former boyfriend, Darrin Lopez drove down from his home in Tennessee to murder James. Additionally, the investigators discovered that the man maintained a tight bond with Jennifer, who was facing marital troubles with James. Between 30 September to 30 October 2020 alone, the couple exchanged about 4,363 calls and texts. 

On questioning, Jennifer revealed that she had "a full-blown emotional affair" with Lopez. She also added that Lopez had a  "five-year plan on how they would be together." 


Lopez was arrested on 11 January 2020 by the ATF Special Response Team in Tennessee. The man charged with murder was later extradited to Dallas. He is held in the Dallas County Jail on a bail of$1 million.

"This defendant allegedly gunned down an innocent man in broad daylight," said Prerak Shah, acting U.S. Attorney. He added, "I hope this case makes one thing crystal clear: If you carry a gun across state lines in order to commit violence, you will be subject to federal prosecution."

Meanwhile, Lopez's attorney Juan Sanchez stated, "We are in the preliminary stages and have yet to receive the discovery evidence necessary to formulate his defense. With that said, we believe Mr. Lopez to be a good man with a military background, which may have been manipulated by Jennifer Faith and caused him to act under some belief that she was in some kind of danger. Of course, this is just a theory of the case that is fluid, and could change once we receive more information."

Neither Lopez nor Jennifer has entered a plea deal.