On Whitney Houston's Wedding Day, The Man She Actually Wanted To Be With, Tried To Stop Her From "Making A Mistake"

On Whitney Houston's Wedding Day, The Man She Actually Wanted To Be With, Tried To Stop Her From "Making A Mistake"

"I saw and heard him speak to her in ways that were demeaning, and [he] talked down to her," Houston's close friend shared about the way her husband Bobby Brown treated her.

Under a large gazebo, adorned with flowers of her favorite color, purple, Whitney Houston married Bobby Brown in front of 800 guests, who saw white doves being released after the couple said their wedding vows.

The guests danced the night away, celebrating the couple, who just took their step into a marriage that would be called "the most tumultuous relationship in music history," according to Lifetime.


What many barely knew was that hours before she tied the knot with Brown, Houston got a call from another man, who tried to stop her from doing something she may eventually regret. The revelation was made in the memoir, A Song for You: My Life With Whitney Houston, written by Robyn Crawford, a close friend and former assistant of the late musical legend.

Crawford, who was also singer's confidante, has written quite a bit about her close relationship with Houston and the kind of bond they shared in the memoir. The call she received on the day of her wedding is one of the revelations made in the book.

When Houston picked up the call on the day of her wedding, on the other end of the line was none other than actor Eddie Murphy, the man she once wanted to be with but "lost herself" in her efforts to pursue him.


"[That day] Eddie Murphy called to say she was making a mistake," Robyn Crawford, a close friend of Houston, wrote in a memoir, A Song for You: My Life With Whitney Houston. But although the actor tried to stop her from walking down the aisle on July 18, 1992, "she pressed ahead," Crawford said, as quoted by People from an excerpt of the book.


Houston had taken a special liking to Murphy, and "she was more interested in Eddie Murphy, but he was elusive," Crawford shared. When she did pursue him, Houston was left devastated when the comedian actor had once stood her up. "One day when Eddie was supposed to come for dinner, I caught a glimpse of Whitney," wrote Crawford. "She was wearing a black dress and low-heeled slingbacks." However, the comedian "never showed up that night," and it hurt Houston.


When Murphy called the award-winning singer the day she tied the knot, Houston decided to go ahead with her wedding to Brown, a choice that left her feeling troubled and isolated over the 14-year marriage that followed. "I saw and heard him speak to her in ways that were demeaning, and [he] talked down to her," Crawford revealed about the way Brown treated his wife. According to Biography, they separated in 2006 and were divorced in 2007.

The memoir, written by Crawford, also unraveled a number of other secrets from the talented musician's life. Long before Houston rose to stardom, before she was infatuated with Murphy, and before she was in the midst of a rocky marriage with Brown, it was Crawford who held a special place in Houston's life.


Houston and Crawford always had a deep connection, right from the time they met, when the former was turning 17 and the latter was 19. That summer, in 1980, when the two of them were counselors at a camp in New Jersey, they started seeing something special in each other. "We wanted to be together and it was just us," Crawford said. "...Something was happening between us."


Crawford also shared, "The physical part of our friendship happened along the way and it was just as beautiful. We were on a journey together and and we were connected."

However, a few years into their intimate relationship, Houston had signed a record deal in 1982 and "she said we shouldn’t be physical anymore because it would make our journey even more difficult,” Crawford wrote. "She said if people find out about us, they would use this against us, and back in the ’80s that’s how it felt."


Back then, what did not end was the friendship they shared and went on for over three decades. Crawford shared, "She was the friend that I prayed for," and also added, "We really meant everything to each other. We vowed to stand by each other."

Crawford, who was also working for Houston, decided to quit when she realized she couldn't protect her friend anymore, who was only spiraling into isolation and more problems in her tumultuous marriage.


They stopped staying in touch, but Houston would ring her up every now and then. "I understood I could help her only when she decided she needed it," Crawford said. But such a moment never came.

On February 11, 2012, when Houston tragically passed away, "I felt my inside shattering," Crawford shared. The realization of having lost someone who was so special to her over a period of about three decades would take some time to digest.

As Crawford shares the little known about her relationship with Houston, what she hopes is that people will see the strong friendship the two of them shared, above everything else.

"I felt the need to stand up for our friendship," Crawford said. "I have a lot of beautiful, wonderful, exciting adventures and loving, caring memories. Whitney was a beautiful friend."