Her Ailing Grandpa Couldn't Be At Her Wedding, So Bride Flies 800 Miles To Have Her "First Dance" With Him

Her Ailing Grandpa Couldn't Be At Her Wedding, So Bride Flies 800 Miles To Have Her "First Dance" With Him

24-year-old Natalie Browning traveled from Virginia to Florida to celebrate with her grandfather.

One young bride went the extra mile (and then some) to make sure her grandfather was part of one of the most important days of her life. Natalie Browning was determined to have her  "first dance" with her 94-year-old grandpa even when he couldn't attend her wedding due to his health. Browning’s grandfather suffered a stroke and was unable to travel at the time, SWNS reported as per Fox News. The 24-year-old decided to travel 800 miles to see the 94-year-old. She boarded a flight from Virginia to Florida on August 1st traveling across the country with her wedding dress. She carried her wedding dress in a pink garment bag until her arrival. As soon as she reached his home, she donned her wedding dress and the pair shared a beautiful dance together in the living room.

The moment was a surprise for the nonagenarian. According to The Daily Mail, the bride-to-be was filmed walking through the airport and boarding her first flight while holding her wedding dress. She stopped in a second terminal to apply some makeup for the big surprise. When the couple landed in Florida, Browning got into an SUV and dressed in secret as they headed towards her grandfather's home. "Getting the wedding dress through the airport was a struggle to say the least, but it was all worth it when I saw his amazing reaction," she said. When she arrived at her grandpa’s home, Browning was wearing her wedding dress and the duo shared a sweet dance. The 94-year-old was delighted to see his granddaughter and despite not feeling his best he pulled some moves around the living room of his home. He was looking pretty sharp in a white shirt and red tie. 


"For months he'd been so excited to dance with me on my wedding night and I'm just so happy that I was able to give him that experience," Browning told SWNS. "I don't get to see him very often so it truly was a special day." The jeweler based in Virginia Beach is grateful to have been able to make her grandfather happy, she told Fox News. "I run a small jewelry business called Of Great Value that is centered around reminding people that they are deeply valuable," she said. "I've been trying to implement that belief more in my own life and wanted my grandpa to know that he is incredibly valuable to me, and even though he was unable to come to my wedding, that the dance he so desired to have with me was valuable too. So, we made it happen." Browning officially married her husband Cooper on June 27.

The sweet story struck a chord with many people on the Internet. One person commented: Cried!! Had my first dance with my grandpa at my wedding. He was so proud! I learned to dance standing ON his feet when I was tiny! He is gone now. Still cry. Miss him so much. GOOD FOR HER!!