Your Favorite Color Reveals Much About Your Personality, According to Color Psychology

Your Favorite Color Reveals Much About Your Personality, According to Color Psychology

We all have that one go-to color, which can reveal a lot about who we are as a person.

The world is full of different colors, yet only a few colors resonate with our personality. Some colors make us feel lighter and put us in a better mood, while a few can make us gloomy. How many of us have tried to understand why? Our liking towards a particular color has something to do with our psychology. According to Betterhelp.com, the colors we like are linked to our unique personality. Researchers have now started exploring more on color psychology. Psychology Today also explains how certain traits have been linked to people's preferences for certain colors.

For example, we often associate shades of blue, green, and purple to a sense of calm and relaxation. These colors are known to make people feel comfortable and at ease. On the other hand, bright colors such as orange and yellow are said to reflect vibrancy and high energy. Here is what your favorite color may say about you.

1. Red 



- Your love for red shows how much you enjoy being connecting with people. A meaningful relation energizes you.
- You are an outgoing person who loves to make people feel good about themselves, and you are not scared to show your vulnerable side to people.
- You are a born leader with great optimism. You don't fear challenges.
- Your energy is infectious and loud. 

2. Black 



- Your love for black reveals a strong personality that has many contradictory traits.
- You are emotional and vulnerable at your core, but you appear in control of your emotions and the situations around you.
-You know what you want in life and you express it articulately.
- Not everyone understands you because you seem intimidating to many. 
-You give importance to privacy and only prefer opening up to a few. To those you are not close to, you are just a big mystery.

3. Blue 



- If you love blue or shades of blue, you are likely to be an empath. You put others' needs before your own.
- Your family matters a lot to you, yet you value your independence.
- You appear emotional and warm to people, yet you often choose to never do anything against your values.
-You are known for your loyalty and you are the secret keeper for many.
- Sometimes you trust too easily and fear being manipulated by people.

4. Yellow 





- If yellow is the color that you resonate with the most,  you have a strong sense of self. 
- You choose your friends wisely, so even if you seem to be friendly to many, you consider only a few to be your close friends. 
- You are often the person who lifts the mood in the room and people feed off your optimism and cheer.
- You are bold and fearless when it comes to decisions that others are too scared to make.
- You often give more to others than you receive, and sometimes you wish people see what you feel beyond the smile.

5.  Green





- You are not a loud person. You believe in staying calm and don't care to have the last word, especially if the other person is stupid or egoistic.
- You are fiercely loyal and except your friends and partner to be equally faithful.
- While you are independent, you are also deeply affectionate. It matters to you what other people think of you, especially your loved ones.
- You love learning new things and routines often bore you.
- You would rather have a few true friends than a loud bunch of people around you.

6. Pink 




- You are a nurturing person who values people over materialistic things.
- While you are strong and independent, words spoken by loved ones can hurt you deeply.
- You are happy to see your friends happy and don't feel jealous of others' success. 
-You believe in enjoying life to the fullest. Systems and rules cannot hold back your free spirit.

7. White



- You appear simple and kind, yet you have many hidden facets to you that only sensitive people can perceive.
- You are not a hasty person. You enjoy perfection and appreciate the journey than the destination.
- You love spending time with your family and love the comfort of staying at home.
-  You have high standards and you will never compromise on them.
- While it is easy for you to charm people, you pick your friends carefully.

8. Purple 



-You are not afraid of standing apart and take pride in being unique.
-You are not bothered by other people's perceptions of you and don't try hard to impress others.
-You have an innovative and creative mind; social norms and rules cannot stop you from following your heart.
- Not many people know how deeply you feel or how passionate you are. Only a few true friends know that you are emotional.



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