Fun Test: What Color Do You See On The Dresser: Pink & White or Blue & Grey | Here's What It Says About Your Personality

Fun Test: What Color Do You See On The Dresser: Pink & White or Blue & Grey | Here's What It Says About Your Personality

The internet is divided and there are people seeing different combinations. Is that even possible?

People are divided after a picture of a dresser had surfaced the internet. While some see pink and white, others see a different combination. However, experts say it is possible for people to perceive colors and shapes differently.

According to Bevil Conway (neuroscientist from Wellesley College and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and his team, "the differences in color perception are probably due to assumptions the brain makes about the illumination."

Source: Reddit

In some people, the brain ignores shorter wavelengths and in others, longer wavelengths are avoided depending on whether they see it in artificial or natural light, according to Live Sciences.

Here are some of the common color combinations people observed. Other than science, it also reflects a lot about your personality. 

Pink & White 

If you observe a combination of these two colors, you have a refined, independent personality with a lot of love to give. You maintain strong relationships with your friends and peers. They love you for your caring and encouraging demeanor. When they have a problem, you are the first person they approach as they believe in your skills to solve any issue logically. Moreover, they appreciate your compassionate and trusting approach to them in times of trouble. However, the people who are not close to you may not able able to crack your personality easily. They might think you are a reserved and aloof person.

Blue & Grey

People who see these colors are peaceful by nature. You do not like situations that invite trouble and often chose to compromise to maintain harmony. Sophisticated diplomacy is your way of living and you have no problem if others criticize you for it. You never lose your calm and you stand your ground at all times. You are extremely proud of the way you make decisions as you spent a lot of them weighing pros and cons. You have a closely-knit circle of friends and family who appreciate you for your loyalty. You are sensitive to their feeling and always give them your honest opinions. 

Pink & Grey

While being calm and composed comes is your natural habitat, you love to let loose and enjoy the fun side of your life occasionally. Your composed yet smart personality often stands out in social circles. People are drawn by mysterious charm. This allows you to make friends easily. Your friendships are important to you and water them with love and care. The ones around you never want to leave your side due to this factor. You give great advice and people come to you for fair and objective views. 



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