7 Ways You Changed Because You Were Hurt Over And Over Again

7 Ways You Changed Because You Were Hurt Over And Over Again

The pain of having your trust shattered more than once can permanently change the way you look at people and relationships in these ways.

The person you are today is a because of all the experiences you have had throughout your life, the good and the bad. But nothing changes you quite like the painful experiences you have had. Having your trust broken by someone you had complete faith in, feeling betrayed because of the actions of someone you held dear–having experienced this over and over again can make you shut down. Even though you have healed from the wounds they left behind, the scars you carry are a reminder of how it has changed you.

1. You are still kind to everyone but you trust only a few

Nothing can stop you from being compassionate to the people around you, but your past has taught you to do it with your guard up. You used to be the person who would connect with people in a heartbeat, but now you're slightly more cautious. You have had your heart broken too many times, and it's taught you that trust is something to be earned and not worth giving away blindly.

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2. You learned the looks can be deceiving 

Even though you had to learn this the hard way, you realized that first impressions may not really reflect the true colors of a person. You learned that it's important to protect yourself, and you do this by giving yourself time to understand people. You no longer give people the chance to deceive you with sugarcoated words and fake smiles.

3. You look at people and relationships differently now

Disappointments and unfulfilled promises have changed so much about you. You read people differently now and you have understood that not every relationship is going to be worth your time. You learned that you need to stop caring too much about people and you stopped giving your love when you saw that you don't get the same in return.

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4. You miss your younger, carefree self but realize she trusted people too easily

There are days when you wake up and miss the person you used to be—the hearty, carefree woman who would never think twice before trusting someone. But you understood that you need to hold onto your trust for your own good. Although there's still that old warmth in you, you wait before giving your heart away to someone in a relationship.

5. You stopped tolerating people who say one thing and then do something else

You're tired of dealing with people who are manipulative and who sabotage you into doing things that you don't want. You no longer tolerate people who are two-faced, saying one thing when you're front and doing something completely different when you're not around. You have learned how to stand up for yourself and now, you're able to say "no" to the wrong people and be there for the right ones.

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6. You understood that even love can have a darker side to it

Just because it's love, it doesn't mean that it can't be painful. In the past, the people who hurt you the most were the ones you wholeheartedly shared your love with. Even though you thought they were the ones you could actually trust, the experience also made you realize that even love can be cruel. That's when you promised yourself that you would only give love to the person who treats you the way you deserve to be treated, with kindness and respect.

7. Your circle of friends became smaller but tighter

The times you were hurt were the times you found out who your true friends really are. You found out the people who will stick by you through the tough times and not just for the good times alone. While you may have lost a few friends along the way, your circle of friends is now much tighter and closer to each other, and you always have the right people pushing you along the way.

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