Ways To Make Easy DIY Face Masks To Protect You & Your Family During This Virus Outbreak

Ways To Make Easy DIY Face Masks To Protect You & Your Family During This Virus Outbreak

The CDC has urged people to make simple face coverings at home. It will help the further spreading of the virus.

With the outbreak of the virus, administrations and medical experts have urged the public to wear masks in public along with social distancing and washing hands. This is a precautionary measure that prevents the virus from spreading to other people. Masks are particularly helpful if the person is asymptomatic and is still a carrier of the virus.


This instruction has led to a rising demand for masks. However, medical stores and pharmacies are struggling to keep up with the sudden demand. Taking into the unavailability of medical-grade masks into consideration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has asked the public to wear nonmedical cloth masks in public.

The website stated, "Cloth face coverings fashioned from household items or made at home from common materials at low cost can be used as an additional, voluntary public health measure." Meanwhile, it warned the public against placing cloth masks on children under the age of 2 or anyone who has breathing troubles.


Instead of waiting for the masks to be provided to you by someone, you can make it at home using many everyday materials and a few simple steps. According to Instructables.com, all you need is some basic sewing skills and common supplies. Here is what you need and how you can make your own masks for yourself and your family. 

Supplies you will need 

1. An old top or pant made out of cotton or poly blend material

2. sewing machine or a needle and thread 

3. Pins to hold the fabric

4. Elastic, some shoelaces or cotton fabric ties

5. Scissors


1. Cut two pieces measuring about 6 inches x 9 inches from your top or pant. Sew the two main rectangles together with the right side of the fabric facing each other. Remember to use the pins to get align the center of the fabric properly.

2. Then stitch all three sides leaving one short side open. Turn the cloth over and iron through the unstitched side.

3. Now fold the short side that was left unstitched just enough to hold the cotton fabric ties or shoelaces. Then stitch the sides and secure the laces inside. 

4. Now you have your mask ready. Before using the mask, make sure to sterilize the mask. 

How to sterilize the mask?

A mask can be sterilized without adding any soap. Bring a pot of water to boil and place the mask in it for 10 minutes. Take it out for dry and use your mask is ready for use after an iron. 

How to remove the cloth mask and how often to get it cleaned? 

While removing the mask of your face, make sure you are not touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. Also, remember to wash hands immediately. A person using a cloth mask should remember to sterilize it based on his or her usage. A frequent wash is preferred, according to CDC. 

There are other ways of types of face-coverings that involve just the folding of cotton fabric and elastics. Here is the CDC video on how you can cover your face in the simplest way.