9 Telling Signs Your Partner Is Lying Even If They Refuse To Admit It

9 Telling Signs Your Partner Is Lying Even If They Refuse To Admit It

What's worse than being lied to is falling for the lie. That's why you'd want to look out for these signs when you feel like someone is lying to you.

They may hide the truth and twist their words, but their bodies can almost never lie. Being lied to by someone you trust can be devastating, and you feel worse when you actually believed the words they fed to you. But more often than not, your gut feeling would tell you if you should even be listening to them or not. The next time your instinct tells you that someone is lying to you, just look at their body and their facial expressions and you can tell if they are lying when they do the following.

1. They hide their palms away from you 

Normally, you already know the typical body language of a friend, family member, or loved one. But seeing that they are doing something out of the ordinary like trying to hide their palms away from you could be a sign that they are lying. Traci Brown, a body language expert talked about how turning their palms away from you could be their version of keeping some information away from you “They may put them in their pockets or even slide them under the table,” Brown said, according to Time.

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2. They become fidgety and restless

If you notice that they are fidgeting when compared to their normal behavior, it could be that they are nervous about you confronting them. if someone becomes fidgety, that can indicate deception," said Brown, according to M&C (Meetings And Conventions). If you see them jittery or their feet are shuffling, it could be that they are trying to release their nervous energy while they try to hide something from you.

3. They are extremely still as they talk to you

While in some cases people may be fidgety, in others they might stand extremely still in a way that's very unusual to them. This could be because they are trying to overcompensate and mask their deception. It is natural for people to move a little as they speak. But noticing that they are extremely rigid all of a sudden is "often a huge warning sign that something is off", said Dr. Lillian Glass, a behavioral analyst and body language expert, according to Business Insider.

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4. They place their hand over their mouth

If you notice that the person is trying to cover their mouth or keeps touching their lips with their hand, it shows that they are trying to hide something from you. "A telltale sign of lying is that a person will automatically put their hands over their mouth when they don't want to deal with an issue or answer a question," Glass pointed out. When the person is covering their lips, it shows that they aren't ready to reveal something to you or "they are literally closing off communication," Glass added.

They may even cover other body parts like their throat, chest, or abdomen as a way of hiding their vulnerabilities.

5. They start using their non-dominant hand while talking

When you know that the person is right-handed but you see them using their left hand in conversations or while making gestures, it could be another sign of them lying to you. "Our bodies want to be honest, however, our words are what others hear. To challenge that, our bodies will try to leak the deception out. Look for the signals of strong words with the non-dominant hand," Tonya Reiman told Insider.

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6. They talk to you without blinking

The saying "eyes are windows to the soul" is not for nothing. Breaking eye contact could be a sign of lying. But at the same time, when the person is trying to overcompensate to hide the fact that they're lying, they might stare at you for long without blinking. "When people tell the truth, most will occasionally shift their eyes around and may even look away from time to time," Glass said. "Liars, on the other hand, will use a cold, steady gaze to intimidate and control."

7. Their lips are pursed or folded in

Noticing that their lips are pursed or that they are biting their lips is another sign that they are lying to you or not telling you the whole truth. "When people's lips disappear, they are holding back information," said Brown. Right after you see them fold their lips or a part of it disappears, you can assume that "the next thing that comes out of their mouth is either a half-truth or a lie," she added.

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8. Their eye movements start changing

It can be normal for someone to have an entire conversation and shifting their gaze to one side whenever they are trying to recall or remember some information. But if you notice that their gaze is continuously shifting back and forth, it could be that they are lying. "This is a physiological reaction to him feeling uncomfortable or trapped by your questions that he doesn't want to answer, "Mark Bouton, author of How to Spot Lies Like the FBI told Business Insider. "It's a throwback to when people had to seek an escape route when they feared they were in a dangerous situation, such as facing a human or animal adversary.

9. Their head starts moving or tilting

The moment you ask the person a question that they are uncomfortable answering, and you see that their head movement changes or they tilt it to the other side, it could mean that their answer to your question may not be completely honest. In case their head retracts, tilts unusually to the side or towards the ground, or even jerks backward, it could be signs of lying, Glass pointed out.

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