6 Ways Your Partner's Body Language Might Change When They're Cheating On You

6 Ways Your Partner's Body Language Might Change When They're Cheating On You

The guilt they feel can make their body tense up or anxious when you're around. Here are a few changes in the body language, according to experts.

It's easy to lie with words, but it's difficult for the body to lie. When you suspect that your partner is hiding something from you, you might hear them say the most reassuring things to soothe your doubts away. But when you notice those subtle changes in their body, it's easier to get to the truth. Here's how your partner's body language can change when they are being unfaithful.

1. Their body seems closed off from you

When your partner is having an affair and hiding it from you, the guilt they feel doesn't remain within the walls of their mind alone. It manifests in their physical actions as well. "Guilt will likely keep your partner physically distant," Clarissa Silva, behavioral scientist, and relationship coach told Elite Daily. "They may begin touching you less and less, smiling less, withdrawing from sex, and crossing their arms more frequently when they are around you."

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2. They slouch or move back and forth when you talk to them

Something as ordinary as having a normal conversation with your partner could also show that they are keeping something away from you. If you notice that their posture has changed, where they are slouching or hunching over, it could indicate that "they feel ashamed or they know they have done something wrong," as explained by Lillian Glass, body language expert. According to Oprah Magazine, Glass also said, "Rocking back and forth shows they are nervous around you."

3. They tense up when you show them affection in public

If your partner used to be the type to hold your hand while walking down the street or put their arm around you, they might hesitate to do the same when they are cheating on you. "What you’re generally looking for is a shift from normal behavior," Patti Wood, body language relationship expert, and author told Insider. "So, if they used to kiss you all the time and suddenly that behavior disappears it’s a shift from the baseline."

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4. Their body shows signals when they feel anxious

The stress of keeping a big secret away from you can make them anxious whenever you are around them. When you notice that they are doing things they don't normally do, like blinking quickly, breathing faster than usual, tapping their foot, fiddling with something, or other restless actions, they could be anxiety signals, as explained by Judi James, body language expert, according to The Sun

5. They try to avoid making eye contact with you

When you look at your partner and you notice that they look away, it could be another sign of guilt. Apart from avoiding eye contact with you, you might also see that their eye pattern has also changed when you bring up a difficult subject or even mention something about an affair.

"When people lie they’re in cognitive overload and they’ll start to do different things with their eyes because they’re actually doing something different in their brain with making up the answer or hiding an answer that’s true," said Traci Brown, body language expert and author, according to Cosmopolitan. Earlier, if they would look upwards to the right when they respond to you but now they have started looking downwards to left, it could be the real answer to your question about their infidelity. 

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6. Even their feet can give them away

If you're growing increasingly suspicious of your partner's infidelity, one thing that Wood suggested was looking at your partner's feet when you're out with a group of friends or with someone you suspect that they are having an affair with. Wood said, "Where the toes point, the heart follows. Look at your sweetie's feet when you are out with other people. If they are pointed at you, great. If they're pointed at someone else, your partner may be spending more time pointing at someone else."