7 Signs Your Partner Takes You For Granted Making You Lose Your Value In The Relationship

7 Signs Your Partner Takes You For Granted Making You Lose Your Value In The Relationship

Sometimes it may not seem like it, but there are mild and glaring ways through which your partner is taking advantage of you.

To feel loved, to feel wanted, and to feel valued is what everyone craves for when they're in a relationship. When your partner truly cares for you, they naturally do all these things. But seeing your partner taking you for granted makes you question whether the relationship is worth the effort or not. If your partner is taking you for granted, they are likely to do these things in the relationship.

1. They belittle your feelings even though it's right for you to feel them

They might be subtle with it or glaringly obvious, but when they dismiss your feelings all the time, it could be a sign that they don't value what you have to say. If you often hear them say "you're overreacting" or "you're being too sensitive", your partner might not be taking the effort to understand you. Even when you feel hurt, you might be made to believe that it's wrong for you to feel so.

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2. They can't survive without you but never take a moment to say thank you

There is so much that you do in the relationship and your partner knows it. But when they don't take a moment to make you feel special or do something in return, it shows that they are taking everything you do for granted. It leaves you feeling like you're the only one carrying the weight in the relationship while they are just feeding off of the things you do.

3. They don't bother asking your opinion before taking decisions

Asking you what you think or wanting to know your opinion before making an important decision shows that your partner respects what you have to say. But if they are the only one who's calling all the shots in the relationship and you're just expected to follow, it could be a sign that your partner is not willing to see both of you equally in the relationship; instead, they are just looking for the upper hand.

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4. They can't see your inner beauty because they're busy comparing you with others

Rather than being grateful for everything you do in the relationship, they might be constantly comparing you to others. They fail to see the beauty you have, inside and out, and start nitpicking everything about you. They undermine the uniqueness that you come with, unable to see the wonderful strengths that you possess.

5. They expect you to keep up with their needs but never bother with yours

If it's always their needs before yours and their opinions over yours, it shows that your partner isn't making room for you in the relationship. They expect you to do everything that they ask you to, but not once do they take the effort to listen intently to you, ask you what you want, or do something you like to do for a change.

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6. They keep you waiting even after they promised to be there

When you leave your partner a text and get a reply only hours later, or they promised to do something but left you waiting, it shows that your partner isn't respecting you or the time you give. While you expect that your partner will be someone you can count on, you find that they always fail to keep their word and shows no signs of regretting it.

7. They make you feel like you're just not worth it

Despite all that you do in the relationship and all that you do for your partner, you find that your partner never shows you the same concern. But that's not all. They might make you feel guilty for asking them why they don't care or convince you that you're not doing enough in the relationship even when you're pulling all the weight. They make you doubt and feel worthless, even after everything you do for them.

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