40 Ways A Narcissist Will Exploit You In The Relationship

40 Ways A Narcissist Will Exploit You In The Relationship

They rope you in with their wit and charm, and then turn into a completely different person once they get the upperhand.

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You only realize that you're with a narcissist until you're in too deep into the relationship. Before you know it, you're drowning in their negativity and the subtle manipulative tactics they use begin to seem normal. A narcissist will damage you in these 40 ways.

They hide behind a mask until they suck you into the relationship.

1. They rope you in with their charm and wit. And then show their true colors once they earn your trust. Ever heard of love bombing?


2. They define the rules in the relationship and they make you follow every one of them.

3. They make everything a competition and you're the one who's always losing.

4. They will twist everything in the relationship to work on their terms.

5. They will never be there for your problems, but always expect you to clean up their mess.

6. They attack you with their words and slowly crush your self-worth.


7. They turn into someone completely different and you wonder where the charming person you met disappeared.

8. They start shutting your friends and family out. With no one else to turn to, you inadvertently give them more power to control you.

9. They make you feel trapped in the relationship, where your only option is to give in to their whims.

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They know your weaknesses and they use them against you.

10. They know what your insecurities are and use them against you to erode away at your self-esteem.

11. They undermine what you have to say and make you think your opinions are useless.

12. They understand what matters to you and then threaten to destroy them, taking undue advantage of you.


13. They will never show up when you need them but expect you to give them your undivided attention.

14. They will say hurtful things and criticize you, especially when you're around other people.

15. They will not hesitate to throw you under the bus when they feel like it.

16. They target your weak points until they convince you that you're worth nothing.

17. They become uncontrollably violent when you try to say "no".


18. Their behavior makes you walk on eggshells around them because you don't want to anger them.

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They pull you into brutal arguments and leave you feeling damaged beyond repair

19. They refuse to admit they are wrong even when you catch them red-handed.


20. They know how to distract you and shift your attention from the real problem.

21. They will neither compromise or cooperate or be willing to understand your side of the argument.

22. They will never apologize because their ego won't allow them.

23. They turn the tables against you and make you think you're the one to blame.

24. They will bring up the past and make you believe they are the victim.


25. They make you apologize for things that were never your fault.

26. They convince you that you are the reason for everything that's wrong in the relationship.

27. They won't hesitate to walk out on you, making you feel alone and miserable.

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They isolate you from your loved ones until you're stuck in the relationship

28. They blatantly lie to you, turning you and your loved ones against each other.

29. They know how to make outsiders believe their version of the story, not yours.

30. They can flip on their charm and charisma in front of others.

31. They make sure that nobody believes you when you tell them the truth about them.

32. They can make others believe that you're the crazy one in the relationship.

33. They gaslight you until you believe that their lies are the truth and your reality is wrong.

34. They may even threaten to hurt the people that matter to you.

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You will no longer feel like the same person you were before the relationship.

35. They will make you feel emotionally drained because you're constantly trying to keep up with their demands.

36. They exhaust you to the point where you're too tired to fight back.

37. They make the relationship feel like a burden and you're the one carrying the entire weight.

38. They will drag you back into their drama every time you try to leave the relationship.

39. They will convince you that they will change when you want to end things. And before you know it, they're back to doing the same hurtful things.

40. They put you in a cycle of anger, despair, and forgiveness, where you eventually stop standing up for yourself.

Even though it might feel like there's no escape, it's necessary for your own mental wellbeing to leave a relationship like this. They might pull you back into it and manipulate you into staying, but with the right help, you will be able to do what's best for you.

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