Fun Quiz: The Way You Sit On The Couch Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

Fun Quiz: The Way You Sit On The Couch Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

It might not even be something you put any thought into. You just naturally sink into your favorite position of sitting and here's what it says about you.

From slumping into your couch at the end of a tiring day to hijacking your "spot" and sprawling across the couch, the way you sit can reveal certain things about your personality. And depending on the situation, whether you are nervous or relaxed, it could even show the frame of mind that you're in at that moment.

If you tend to sit in one of the following positions, here's what it reveals about your personality. 

1. The couch dominator

When you generally tend to take up almost the entire couch, it could be a sign of how confident you are, letting nothing stop you from social interactions. "Taking up this much space is a dominant way to sit on a sofa, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you are dominant in general," said body language expert Robert Phipps, according to the Daily Mail.


You are generally happy and content with how things are going in your life and you have a number of relationships that you can count on. "As you’re the most likely to have an active social life and the second most likely to have lots of friends this is probably showing more of a quietly confident and contented sitter," Phipps added.

2. The couch percher 

Sitting like this could be a sign of being tensed or being in a situation where you're unable to relax. You might be someone who doesn't often take risks. But you find yourself being fairly comfortable with your relationship. 


"A formal and slightly restrained position, being perched on the front of the sofa shows an element of unease," Robert said. "You're not quite fully reclined so can't relax as the back muscles are constantly working. This body language tallies with our findings as this position is the least likely to be adopted by people who are risk takers, or people who feel they're successful in their careers."

3. The couch buddha

If this is the position that you generally sit in, it could be a sign of the balance that your personality strikes. While you are fairly content and at peace, you still take risks in your life every now and then when it's necessary. One of the things that stand out the most in your personality is how you're able to stay calm even when things get rough.


"This position, with crossed legs and hands resting in the lap, is well rounded and symmetrical, reflecting an overall contentment and inner confidence," Robert said. 
"The straight back and shoulders open up the chest, which allows for better breathing which is likely to be reflected in a composed and calm sitter."

4. The couch twister

When this is your go-to position on the couch, it could be a sign of how comfortable you are at that moment. However, you are still not ready to let your guard completely down. It could also be the way you sit when you're in control of what's going on and your mind concentrating on the situation at hand.


"Adopting a natural and relaxed sitting position with shoulders and hands settling into a position of comfort, it is likely to be adopted by people who are keen to relax, but don’t want to let their guard down completely," Robert said. "This position forces your body to be one-sided with one leg crossed over the other at the knee, which could mean your thinking is focused and controlled."

5. The "entire couch is for my relaxation"

When you claim the entire couch or sofa and spread yourself across it almost like you're asleep, it could be a sign that you're not happy with something in your life. There might be a source of immense stress in your life and being in this position is your way of unwinding.


"We see the person in this position stretching out to the full and adopting an almost horizontal position similar to being asleep,' Robert pointed out. "This position is adopted most by people who hate their job, unfortunately, which could be the reason why people who sit like this appear to be focussing on de-stressing and relaxing as much as they can." One of the things that is dear to you in life is the relationships that you have and they could help you get through the stress you're experiencing.

6. The couch leaner

Finding yourself in what's generally referred to as the foetal position could show how you're as carefree as an infant. "So, this probably reflects being as contented as a baby and dealing with life’s stresses with ease," Robert revealed.


You could be the kind of person who likes keeping themselves busy with work or with other responsibilities in life. You don't just do it because someone is depending on you, but because you genuinely love doing those things. While some might say that you work too hard, you are also the kind of person who strikes a balance between your responsibilities and the relationships in your life. You like being intimate with your partners and you put in effort into the happiness in your relationship.