Women Across The World Are Sharing Images Of A Freckle They All Have In The EXACT Same Spot

Women Across The World Are Sharing Images Of A Freckle They All Have In The EXACT Same Spot

The internet always has new hot topics for debates and discussions. A common tiny freckle is the new talk of the town.

The discussions over the internet can range from hot topics to very silly debates. If you have not been keeping yourself updated with the latest talk of the digital community, you are in for for a confused yet amusing find.

According to Today, a freckle on the middle of the wrist seems to be the uniting factor for thousands of women across the world. Twitter user Aaryn Whitley took to the internet to make people realize that they all had something in common. She posted the picture of different women with a single freckle at the same spot. The tweet which received 60.5k likes and 23.2k retweets became viral capturing the attention of several people.






"ladies..... u got a freckle on the middle of ur wrist or is this a myth lmao,'' wrote Aaryn on Twitter. The post inspired several other people to share pictures of their single freckle on their wrist. Twitter flooded with pictures of wrists and the comments of people who could not believe it. "why do I feel like I never had this freckle until I read this tweet," said one user who had never noticed her wrist freckle. "I’ve had this single dark ass freckle on my wrist since I was a child and I’m very shook to see so many people with one as well like?????," said another user.






The discovery has freaked out a lot of people. However, we are not very sure of why so many people have a freckle in the same spot. One reason for the freckle might be the fact that wrists are usually exposed to sunlight and it is known that freckles get darker in summer.

According to skincare expert Dr. Howard Murad, the ultraviolet rays prompts the skin's pigment-forming cells to produce excess melanin in the skin. However, they only form in those people who are genetically predisposed to them. Therefore, the tiny freckle on the wrist could be a genetic similarity we share says Today.








Recently another Twitter user Los_Writer had encouraged people to share pictures of their childhood pencil battle. The enthusiastic Twitter audience shared thousands of images with a tiny pencil mark on their body.

In spite of living in different countries and belonging to different backgrounds and cultures, we as humans seem to have a lot of unifying factors.