6 Unspoken Gestures Of Your Partner That Express Their Love And Commitment To You

6 Unspoken Gestures Of Your Partner That Express Their Love And Commitment To You

Your partner might not have been vocal about his love towards you. However, they might have shown you many signs that you never noticed.

"Actions speak louder than words," said someone a long time ago. It's not just a "saying" but it is true. We as humans enjoy the small unexpected things, our partner does for us. It makes us feel special and moreover, makes us feel loved. It leaves a bigger impression than the countless romantic words that you have ever heard. The body language of your partner will let you know what he really thinks of you and what he really wants of you. Maybe they are not a person of so many words but the little things they do for you is their way of telling how much you mean to them.

Here are a few gestures you will notice from your partner that will prove their love and commitment to you:

1. They have a wide smile when they are with you

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Your partner might be one of those people known for their serious tone and a straight face. But, when they are around you, you notice that that description doesn't go well with them. They are altogether a different person with their twinkling eyes and a wider smile. Their face is lit and brightens up when you are close to them. Your partner is truly in love with you. The joy in their hearts is evident on their face and that is enough to understand that you are an important part of their life. 

2. They play with your hair

Touch is a powerful expression, especially in the case of men. Touch does not mean just sex but anything beyond it such as playing with your hair. It is a clear sign that they are into you. By doing this, they reveal the level of comfort they have around your presence. Your partner wants to show their playful side to you because they love you and trust you. This part of their personality might be unknown to the whole world expect you. 

3. They lean closer to you every time you speak

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Every time you speak, you may notice that your partner leans closer to you. It might not be a conscious effort but they unconsciously want to remain close to you every time. It also shows that they are invested in the conversation and they are interested in you. According to Body Language of Attraction, when someone leans towards you, it's a non-verbal way of showing that they are engaged in the talk. By doing this, your partner is showing that they care for you and that you matter to them.

4. They whisper into your ears when you are in a group

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When they are in love, they want the world to know it. If you are out with your partner in a group, you might notice that they keep whispering into your ears. This means that they want to increase their physical proximity with you and also want to send a strong message to other people who might have an eye on you. They are marking their territory and you know what that means.

5. They look into your eyes

When you are engrossed in a conversation with your partner, you might notice that they look directly into your eyes. You can also see that their pupils are dilated. This means that they are so much in love with you. They might have not expressed it outright to you in the past but their eyes are in fact speaking those unspoken words. Your partner is captivated by you and cannot take their eyes away from you.

6. They like initiating physical touch

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Whether you are the park on a stroll or in the mall, your partner will either hold your hand or keep brushing their hands against you. This gesture means that they like being in contact with you and always finds a reason to hold you. They might be distracted by the things around them or may even be busying talking to someone, yet they would play with your hand.  Your partner desires your company and your love.