The Type Of Men Who Are More Likely To Cheat? Study Reveals What They Look Like

The Type Of Men Who Are More Likely To Cheat? Study Reveals What They Look Like

Researchers have an answer to all the times you wondered who is more likely to cheat and who can hide it better.

The last thing you ever want to imagine is your partner being unfaithful to you, but sometimes you just can't help but wonder. If you ever thought about a particular "type" of person who's more likely to cheat, what comes to your mind? Recent research has shown that both men and women have a particular type in mind and here's what that type is.

Who's more likely to cheat?

It might just be that men who look more attractive are more likely to cheat, according to a study published on The Royal Society Publishing. This means that men you find attractive, who have chiseled jaws and well-defined features might be the ones who cheat on you or even have a woman who is with another man.

But that's not all. You might even be able to tell whether a person was likely to cheat based on their facial features or "attractiveness". The study also found that people (both men and woman) were able to guess whether a man would cheat or steal another person's partner based on photographs of their faces. "Therefore, perceived unfaithfulness may indeed contain some kernel of trust in male faces," said the researchers.

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While most people might think that men who have more "attractive" qualities have an advantage, it might just be that women don't trust them easily or might think that they will cheat on them. And in addition to this, if a man in a relationship sees another man with the same looks, they might judge the man as someone who might steal their partner away from them.

However, even though attractive men were rated by the participants to be more unfaithful, they were actually less likely to take another man's partner away.

Another study also found that the facial width-to-height ratio (FWHR) might determine whether a man is more likely to cheat. Published on Springer Link, the study found that a man or a woman had a higher FWHR they're more likely to say they had higher sex drives. One of the reasons for this could be because of the hormones they were exposed to during particular stages as a fetus and maybe even due to the level of testosterone, according to Forbes.

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But when it came to women, the researchers (of the study mentioned first) found that people weren't really able to guess or predict whether women would cheat or not, just by looking at their faces. This could also mean that women might just be better at hiding infidelity or they cannot be judged solely by their facial expressions.

It was also suggested that the reason for this could be because women were less likely to admit that they have cheated on someone and this could have been why the results of the study were as found, as suggested by Dr. Kristen Knowles, an evolutionary psychologist, according to The Guardian.

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When you think about cheating, you probably have a particular description in your mind about the kind of person who might cheat, and this is perhaps what makes you look at a person and guess whether they might be unfaithful or not. While the study suggests that men's facial features give away certain notions about them, it points out that the same cannot be said for women.

However, the researchers cautioned people about making judgments solely based on the facial features of a person. It does not necessarily mean that all your first impressions might be true and will be accurate in every context. Yong Zhi Foo, who was part of the study told AFP, "Our results must not be taken to mean that first impressions can be used in any everyday situations."