Turmeric Lemonade Can Relieve Stress And Depression Symtoms In A Natural Way

Turmeric Lemonade Can Relieve Stress And Depression Symtoms In A Natural Way

The medicinal value of turmeric is historically known, however, its abilities to cure mental health disorders are often not talked about.

Daily work pressures and unbalanced lifestyle have taken a toll on mental health. Depression, stress, and sleeplessness have become common among people from all walks of life. Statistics in the US show that mental health issues affect 44 million adults in the age group of 18 and older. Today, many people are in search for a perfect solution that relieves them from these disorders. Turmeric or Curcuma longa/Curcuma domestica is one such solution that is naturally available to us.

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What is Turmeric?

Used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine for centuries, turmeric is considered to be one of the most powerful natural remedies. It is mainly found in parts of India and Indonesia and is a very common cooking spice around those areas. The spice is close kin to ginger and is well known for its incredible medicinal values. 

Benefits of Turmeric

According to the California College of Ayurveda, it is one among the many medicinal plants to possess this range of medicinal value. With its amazing health benefits, turmeric is found to be useful in the treatment of illness such as amenorrhea, fever, gallstones, headaches, anemia, cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, common cold, conjunctivitis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDS, diarrhea, edema, hemorrhoids, ingestion, inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), liver disease, joint inflammation, osteoarthritis, bronchitis, bursitis, sexually transmitted diseases (e.g. hepatitis C, genital herpes), urinary tract infections, arthritis, atherosclerosis, and more.

While we know of its countless benefits in the treatment of physical illness, its potential to prevent mental health issues such as depression, stress and anxiety cannot be forgotten. This medicinal plant has an ingredient called curcumin that the power to boost your moods and relieve you from any unwanted tensions or depression. Turmeric helps to prevent the inflammation caused in the brain which is a major reason for depression and mental anxieties. Robert J. Hedaya, MD, a psychiatrist and clinical professor of psychiatry at the Georgetown University Medical Center, stated that inflammation lowers serotonin levels and affects hormones and neurotransmitters in the brain leading to depression. 

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The component found in turmeric called curcumin plays a major role in reducing this inflammation. Curcumin relaxes the mind as it is a potent antidepressant and anti-anxiety ingredient. The presence of curcumin in turmeric elevates the serotonin levels, relieving your mind of any mental health disorders. It plays a great role in calming the mind and boosting your mood.

It is possible to incorporate this medicinal plant into our diet. Different varieties of drinks can be made using turmeric. Below is a simple recipe that you can try at home when you are stressed or depressed.

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Turmeric Lemonade Recipe


4 tablespoons of freshly ground turmeric root
½ cup of fresh lemon juice
½ cup of orange juice
5 cups of water
3 tablespoons of honey (raw preferred)
2 teaspoons of grated ginger


Mix turmeric and ginger in a glass. Add boiled water to the mixture. Steep for few minutes and add honey to the liquid. Stir the liquid well and give it a strain. Add lemon juice to it and enjoy it after it cools down.

In the case of nonavailability of natural turmeric, supplements can also be used to help your stressful mind. However, most supplements contain additives like black pepper that helps the body to absorb curcumin from the turmeric which isn’t easily absorbed. Due to the insoluble properties of curcumin, it is better to consume the supplement along with a fatty meal. 

Incorporating this medicinal plant into your diet can help you achieve a calmer, stress-free mind and will promise you a good night sleep. Much more research is underway to prove scientifically what the ancient people of India have known for centuries: that turmeric is one of the most powerful plants on the planet.

Disclaimer : This article is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.