12 September, 2019

Michigan Declared "No Kill" State For Shelter Animals After Releasing About 90 Percent Of Them

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Micheal Jordan Pledges $1 Million To Help The Bahamas After Deadly Hurricane Dorian Ravages It

CDC Issues Health Warning Against Vaping: Five Deaths And 450 Lung-related Cases Linked To E-Cigarettes

Photographer Captures The Adorable Moment A Ground Squirrel Stops To Smell The Flowers, Quite Literally

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Cuts His Honeymoon Short To Be There For Kevin Hart As He Recovers From Horrifying Accident

Internet's Dream Gentleman, Keanu Reeves, Will Be Hitting The Big Screens With Matrix 4 Soon

Legendary Rockstar Bon Jovi Opens Two Charity Restaurants Where Those Who Can't Afford A Meal Can Eat Without Paying


21 August, 2019

Amazon Rainforest Fire Is So Big, Its Fumes Can Be Seen From SPACE | 72,843 Fires Reported In Just A Year

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Aged 70-YO Emaciated Elephant Covered Up With Colorful Costume & Forced To Walk Miles For Festival Parade

Another Man Armed With A Gun, 100 Rounds Of Ammunition And Bulletproof Vest Stopped At Missouri Walmart

New Yorkers Run For Their Lives After Loud Bangs Cause Fear Of Yet Another Shooting At Times Square After Weekend Massacres

3 Mass Shootings In Less Than 24 Hours Leaves The Nation Reeling In Grief | Our Prayers Are With The Victims & Their Families

People Are Struggling To Spot The Hidden Bobcat In This Photo. Can You Find It?

Wave Pool Goes Rogue Creating HUGE Tsunami, Injuring Forty-Five Tourists


31 July, 2019

Parents Refuse To Donate Kidney To 16YO Daughter Fighting For Her Life Because "She Is A Girl"

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This Fun Motorized Float Now Allows You And Your Family To Play Bumpy Cars In Water, This Summer

Elderly Couples Were Asked To Pose As Newly Engaged Love Birds | The Pictures Are Adorable And Stunning

Pregnant Whale With 49 Pounds Of Plastic Next To Dead Fetus Leaves Tourists In Shock

Children Will Be Sent to Foster Care If Lunch Debts Remain Unpaid, School Threatens Parents In Letter

Michelle Obama Is The Most Admired Woman In The World, According To Poll

Heartless Couple Slaughter A Magnificent Lion And Share A Kiss In Front Of The Dead Animal Proud Of Their Conquest