Tom Hanks Rushed Into Marriage To Heal From His Childhood Scars | "I Was Looking For Something I Had Not Found As A Kid"

Tom Hanks Rushed Into Marriage To Heal From His Childhood Scars | "I Was Looking For Something I Had Not Found As A Kid"

Tom Hanks's father remarried twice after divorcing his mother. He never felt he had a constant family.

The experiences of your broken past follow you all throughout your lives. It reminds you of the pain and sorrow that you suffered and motivates us to find what we really lost. But sometimes it can also rush you into decisions for temporary happiness and security. Hollywood star Tom Hanks got married at a very young age but his marriage was an escape from his broken childhood into something he thought was stable.


Hanks's father Amos left his mother, Janet when he was just 5-years-old. The actor along with his brother and sister was taken under the care of their father. His father then went on to marry twice leaving him with many stepbrothers and stepsisters. According to People, the actor was raised by a father "who frequently uprooted his clan." Young Hanks was lost in his farther's constant change that he never felt like he had or belonged to a family. But the actor thought he found it when he started a family with his girlfriend at the time. 

Hanks was 21 years old when he tied the knot with his college sweetheart, Samantha Lewes. By then, the young couple had also become parents. But Hanks was financially struggling and was on a run to pursue his dreams of becoming an actor. In the middle of it all, he and his wife welcomed their second child. His life seemed to be following the natural order of things but deep within he was just unhappy.


Though he loved being a father, Hanks knew this was not the life he wanted. Soon, his marriage ended in a nasty divorce. Looking back, Hanks stated that his broken childhood had left him wanting stability. He thought he could find it in a marriage but the actor left like he failed when his marriage fell apart.


"I was looking for something I had not found as a kid. I was just too young and insecure for marriage. I was 23 and my son Colin was already two when I married for the first time, I was not really ready to take on those responsibilities," recalled Hanks, according to Express UK. Additionally, Hanks felt he was reliving the life of his father after the divorce.

When his marriage with Lewes broke, Hanks felt his children were also exposed to a similar fate as himself. "And a broken marriage meant I was sentencing my own kids to the sort of feelings I had at their age," recalled the actor. While he still feels responsible for what his children must have undergone, Hanks was lucky enough to create the family he always dreamt of.


When Hanks was separated from his wife, he met the love of his life Rita Wilson. Hanks was smitten and he knew there was something unique about Wilson. However, Wilson was engaged and Hanks was still legally married to Lewes.

"Rita and I just looked at each other and—kaboing—that was that. I asked Rita if it was the real thing for her, and it just couldn't be denied," recalled the star, according to Oprah Magazine. After meeting during the filming of  ABC comedy, Bosom Buddies, the couple starred 1985 comedy, Volunteers. By then, Hanks was certain she was the one for him. "When we first looked at each other there was definitely a kind of like, 'Hey, this is the place!' I felt that, anyway," claimed the 64-year-old actor, according to Entertainment Tonight. "I don't think I'll ever be lonely anymore, that's how I felt when I met my wife," added the actor, according to Independent.


Soon after, Hanks and Lewes parted ways and the actor tied the knot with Wilson. Since then, Hanks was able to experience everything he missed  as a child. He never shied away from crediting his wife for his success and happiness. "I am standing here because the woman I share my life with has taught me and demonstrates for me every day just what love is," said Hanks after winning an Oscar. The couple shares two sons and has a solid relationship.